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advice needed. . .

hi ive fallen of the wagon big time and i know i'm putting the weight back on although i'm trying hard not too, was even out for a 12 mile walk today,
the thing is my work, i work with teenagers with behavioural problems and i have to sit down for meals with them, they knew i was on the diet and i explained that due to my health i'd been advised by the doctor ( small white lie), one kid is a girl who struggles with her food, often refusing to eat so the big bosses said that me and a couple of other staff members were not being good role models to her by going on extreme diets to lose weight, hence why i stopped doing it thinking i could follow another diet plan but its not working i keep wanting to eat all the time. what do you guys do at meal times and how could i carry on with the diet without them knowing? i really want to lose weight and i know LT works.
sorry for the rambling, well done to everyones loses i have been coming back regularly to check how everyones doing
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so sorry you are having problems. it does seem a bit tough of your bosses saying you are not good role model. not really sure what answer is though. can you not eat saying you have already eaten? does it have to be you (or colleagues on a diet for that matter) that have to role model at meal times. are there other jobs that you could do that other staff may think boring whilst they role model at meal times?
good luck. let us know how you get on. this diet does work - if you stick to it
thanks poppy
its a residential school so we have to join them at meal times as a group, to start with they were supportive but not now, its strange cos they complain about the kids knowing but the only way they found out about the diet was cos the boss spoke to another staff member about it infront of the kids :confused: i was going to pass it off as a cup a soup. think i will just try and get by without them knowing cos i really want to do it, and seeing the weather we've been getting this week is making me want it even more, too self concious to wear shorts or skirts and its too hot for anything else


I will be skinny again!!!
Hello Brocher, Sorry to hear about this

Its horrible that your boss id doing this, especially since it was their fault the kids know.

I think you have hit the nail on the head with the cup a soup business..

Good luck with your diet and I hope you suceed xxxx
thanks chellywelly,
its seeing how well people like you are doing that makes me want to keep trying, youve done fab well done,
Role Model

:D Surely being a good role model to teenagers is showing that you are disciplined and that you are looking after your health.
Your boss shouldn't be able to dictate what you eat and when you eat it.
Could you just have an atkins type lunch and have your other shakes later?
Don't give up. I also work with young people but I wouldn't allow my boss to dictate what I should eat. Being a good honest and hardworking employee is a good enough role model
cheers rosie, i thnk i find it hard cos the kids are alway asking questions about it too, and i know its an extreme diet, i also know its works but some idiot told the kids how much calories i was getting and now thats all they go on about, especially the one the struggles with food, i want to do it 100% cos i got good results doing it, think i might just says it cup a soups and that i had big lunch or supper depending on what shifts i'm on
thanks again


I will be skinny again!!!
Yep just say its cup a soup

and that your just cutting out unhealthy food instead and you believe its better to have one big meal a day and two smaller ones!


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Hi Brocher


Boy, what a predicament!!! Oh, I could rant and rave on here....I used to be a counsellor f-live-in with young adults with drug, alcohol and behavioural problems...albiet 20 yrs ago, so I understand 100% where you are coming from.

Firstly, I personally think you need to speak to your bosses. They are saying to you, you are not being a good role model, WELL, I dispute that. The fact you know you have to lose weight and that you want to do something about it shows commitment and dedication which the kids will relate to.

Secondly, the most important thing these kids need is support and someone that loves them for who they are. Not whether you eat with them or not!!!!!! Yes, it is an important part of the day, but you can do that with a soup and interact with them...food isnt the focus!! Well, if they have food problems, it shouldnt, that is making it worse for them.

Thirdly, YOU are just as important as the kids, and this extra weight is making you feel miserable and awkward. So, why shouldnt you have the liberty to do what you want.

The cup a soup situation is ideal, but you need to talk to your superiors...they need to be behind you, or you wont be able to do this, I dont think. Just reading between the lines that worries you and I think you can do without that type of pressure. It doesnt surprise me of their reaction as that is the reaction I have received from most people when I have told them about the diet. Seems to freak a lot of people out.

Please let us know how you are doing, and which part of Scotland are you from? I am from Scotland, although live in England past 17 yrs...still miss bonnie Scotland.

Hope this has helped and not hindered, but you so much want to do this and it is so sad because of bosses that SHOULD understand are chosing to be obstructive in their manner.

Take care
thanks scotsmist youve given me lots to think about.
i'm from the tip of the north east, north of aberdeen, i love travelling round scotland seeing new places and revisiting old it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, where about were you from?


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Monica

Originally from Glasgow....My godmother lives in Aberdeen :) Never been though, but my brothers live in Pitlochry and Stirling..lovely :)

Hope you are able to sort out this situation..just so unfair as your weight over the 2 weeks is going good and it would be such a shame for you to lose it now because of others! Oh, it maddens me!!!

Keep us posted on how you are doing and be bold with them and tell them that it doesnt stop you doing your job to the best of your ability! If anything, it can only help in the long run.

Take care

thanks scotsmist youve given me lots to think about.
i'm from the tip of the north east, north of aberdeen, i love travelling round scotland seeing new places and revisiting old it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, where about were you from?


Positivity is the key
Hi Monica,
so sorry you have to face this when it should have been handled better. I too am an ex residential care worker and manager so I know the politics, mainly staff, the young people were always easiest to get on with. How can your boss speak of role modelling when he/she spoke in front of the young people about you?
On the eating front, I would go with the soup option, as it is the closest to real food looking. Perhaps you have a colleague on your side who can interject with a change of topic when the young people ask about the diet, it may take the focus off you.
I wish you all the best with this and hope that the situation is rectified as soon as possible.
Hi Monica, wow i'm not really sure what to say, I too feel so mad that your boss has put you in this situation.

You are a great role model with regards to food, you are showing the kids that it is unhealthy to be overweight therefore you are taking the step you have chosen in order to rectify this. Tell them it is very important that they eat healthily and exercise regularly, so they don't have to go through the extreme of what you are doing at the moment.

Scotsmist ir right the most important thing these kids need is support and someone that loves them for who they are. Not whether you eat with them or not!!!!!!

I can't think of a better option that the cup-a-soup so try that for a while and as ChellyWelly said tell them you are having one big meal and two smaller ones.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck and keep us posted xxx
hi just had a thought on w8 you can have a 30 cal meal and 4 pacs a day u could do w8 and eat our 30 cal meal with them then have your packs the rest of the day, just a thought what ever you decide good luck. ps i think your boss is a disgrace x

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