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Advice needed :)

hey guys. I did cambridge a couple of years ago. Its an excellent diet but i did struggle. Lost about a stone and a half but have put most of it back on now! Tried ww and slimming world but i lack willpower! Problem is im i started the shakes again on tuesday so am on day 3, so far so good. Im off to egypt next sunday so am planning on doing it till then and when i get back am planning on going straigh bk onto it and will follow theplan properly. Thing is im off out this saturday for a friends birthday and me and the girls havnt been out for ages so ideally i would like to drink and then sunday get bk on track agai. I know it will knock me out of ketosis but if i get straight bk on it on sunday do u think it will effect my weight loss? Ideally i wanted to lose 8 pound by next sunday! thnx for listening guys. When im bk from holiday and sticking to the diet 100% i will b a regular on here, find this website so helpful!:p
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Hi Hannah

Wanted to say welcome and good luck with CD.
Actually I am quite unsure as to what you should do, hopefully you will get a few good ideas suggested. Wishing you a lovely holiday - I went to Egypt last year for the first time and loved it.
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Forget Cambridge until you get back

Enjoy the night out and holiday with no restrictions

The two events are so close it seems mad to do cd then go away a week later



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i agree with Mrsessex....if you can dedicate your time pre-holiday to the diet, your going to spend more time getting into and out of ketosis than actually losing weight!
Do low carbs for the next week or so, make sensible food choices and watch what you drink when you go out then come back to CD properly when you can give it 100% when you get back! :)
Sorry that might not be what you wanted to hear hun
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I agree with the above. Re-starts are hard as it is and you might find it tough after the holiday if you start beforehand and are already thinking about Saturday night. I would just try and be sensible until you go away and then start the plan with 100% commitment when you get back - good luck with whatever you decide x
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*Personally* speaking, I'd question why you feel you need to drink to have a good time. Please don't take this as preaching or anything daft like that BTW...

I gave up drinking two years ago (18 months pre-CD) when Mrs L became pregnant; I wanted to support her not drinking, and I could be on hand to run her to the hospital etc. if needed (she had a couple of tough pregnancies before this). During this time I started to question why I 'needed' a drink. I wasn't an alcoholic or anything, I drank the same as most other people, but I came to the conclusion that I could do without it because when drinking socially I'd overdo it and end up being a tit, or having a couple of beers after a tough day at work was just a crutch I didn't need.

And I found I could have just as good a time without the drink. Mrs L like it too because if we go out she knows she'll never have to drive...

I'm not saying never drink again! But why not try going out with your mates and not boozing? If you're not confortable after they've had a couple of drinks and you're on the fizzy water then switch to e.g. vodka and diet tonic, or maybe drink one for one water/alcohol?

Plus then, when you hit the inevitable pizza shop or chinese on the way home your willpower might be high enough to avoid it! And if you drive, your mates will love it because you could give them a lift and they'll not be waiting for a taxi and paying through the nose :D

I personally don't think it's worth blowing the diet for the sake of a night out.
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I too think you should wait until after your holiday. Have a fab night out on Saturday and a wonderful holiday. I love Egypt. Been 3 times, 2 of which were back packing type adventures and I got to see bits of the country that most tourists don't.

Ooh, if you are torn whether to do a trip to the pyramids and Cairo museum and The Valley of the Kings. My advice would be The Valley of the Kings.
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Hmm didn't notice the holiday was so close to the night out. I'd still suggest not having a big night out, but come off SS and introduce a bit of low carb food gradually before your holiday as others have said.

As for the holiday, I reckon do as you please. I couldn't stay 100% while away, I tried and failed after three days. So go away and have a good time, get straight back on the wagon when you get back, stay 100% and you'll soon lose the extra lbs you put on while away.

I put on 6lbs on hol, I was straight back into CD when I got home and it was gone in two days...
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I think you have made up your mind to lose the weight and you have started with CD, why waste what you have done so far on drinking and eating on a night out. Stay strong until your Egypt Holiday. If you stick to CD you will probably lose more than the 8lbs before you go and you will feel so much better on the beach. Don't give in - its not worth it (I know as I'm still trying to reach target after holidays, days out etc).
can i say a big thank you for all your advice! I think im going to drink tomorrw night, follow weight watchers for the next week then when im back from holiday will ss 100%. Its my birthday end of november so will set that as my goal! When im bk on cambridge i will be back on here as i find it great help. Have a great weekend all x x

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