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advice needed

afternoon all,

So after 7 months of Cambridge I'm ready to get moving up the plans and am currently on 1000 which has taken some getting used to i must say!

I don't drink much milk so have been splitting it down to have half milk and then 0% greek yogurt.

I have read a few of the diaries on here and was wondering if its alright to have a low calorie WW yogurt instead on the 0% greek!

thanks X
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Stubborn tortoise
Hiya, & welcome... & good luck! Not sure of the answer, but your CDc would know... someone else on here might too, it should get a bit busier later on? My only worry would be to watch the sugar/sweetner in it!

i cant stand skimmed milk OR that 0% greek yogurt so i'm pretty stuck on this too...and i'm only on 810 so my options are limited! lol

Hope someone can answer you hun

I'm sure the official answer is no as the added sugar and sweeteners will make it an off plan food. Having said that I don't think it would do you any harm as long as it won't make you feel like you can tweak in other areas as well, iykwim.

I'm a tweaker which is why my weigh loss has been quite slow. I always have the minimum recommended shakes on each plan, but I would have salmon once a week as my protein when I was on 810 as well as eat more veggies than prescribed. If you feel comfortable having a fruit yoghurt instead of a plain one, then do it. It's your diet after all - as long as you have the minimum amount of packs / veg etc to ensure you get the nutrients I'm sure you'll be fine.

Just my opinion of course :)

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