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Advice needed!!

I've been taking my tablets for a month now and have been sticking to my fat content & using slimming world too.
In addition, I started the gym at the same time & am going 4/5 times a week for an hour cardio (interval training as advised by personal trainer for maximum loss).
My problem is my weight isn't budging.
I appreciate when you start to exercise you initially tone up and don't lose much weight but when can I seriously expect to see a difference on the scales?
My partner says my body is shrinking but I stupidly didn't take my starting measurements to compare. I'm really starting to feel down about it.
I've also decided to stop having the depo injection as I've read it can make you gain weight or prevent loss.
I really am trying and am wondering when everyone else started to see a difference.
Any advice would be massively appreciated.
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I'm new to this so the others will probabley be able to advise you better - but you should soon have your monthly check up with the doc I guess so they might be able to advise you? Have you been keeping a food diary, as that will be good for the docs and the nice folk on here to have a look too.

I have had this same problem in the past (before xenical) and was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, which can cause difficulties with loosing weight, also - have you had your thyroid checked?

I'm sorry I can't help you any more, I really do understand your frustrations. :(

Thanks for your reply Kelly.
It's my check up tomorrow & personal training session Sunday so I'm going to raise it with Doc & trainer.
I have full health checks every 6 months as I'm disabled & my parents both had major heart attacks at 50. At last check everything was OK.
I was a fit & healthy size 8 and went to the gym every day until 4 yrs ago when I had a major op. It feels like I'm never going to get the old me back!! Due to my disability I've seen loads of nutritionalists too so I'm pretty sure I've been doing well on the diet front & have had no side effects. That's why I'm worried to be honest.
Are you finding it OK???
S: 20st1lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.2 Loss: 1st9lb(8.19%)
Blimey, it sounds like you know what's what in terms of exercise and food. I'm sorry I can't help you anymore - I hope your check up tomorrow can throw some light on it.

I am finding it okay to be honest, I'm only in my first week and have been sticking to the low fat (no toilet accidents yet) and been swimming twice and I've managed to loose a few pounds. I do feel a bit "blocked" (so I had the opposite side effect) and have had dull headaches in the afternoons but on the whole I am finding the tablets okay.

I wish you luck lovely xxxxx


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If you've not got the measurements yet get them asap! :)

Drink plenty of water and make sure you control your portions is all I would add to that. Do clothes feel looser? Maybe try something on which didn't quite fit before and see how it feels now?

That is a lot of gym work and if you havn't been excercising much for a prolonged amount of time then there's bound to be a build up of muscle which will confuse weight readings to no end hehe.


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i know how you feel about the scales not budging and the frustration you get from it...

are your muscles sore????

if so they are holding extra fluid. and this will settle down... you are just building up your muscles to be able to burn fat quicker, and im sure if your partner can see a difference then there is one.
get thos measurements quick, and try and take them again in 2 weeks time, im sure you will see a difference!

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