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Advice needed ...

Dear all,

Am thinking of starting Lighterlife, feel the need for the counselling and have done Cambridge before, but am finding it very difficult to remain focused doing it alone. The problem is that I am going on holiday to Spain in 3 weeks. Is it worth starting now, or best to wait until I get back? I want to stay commited to it and do my best, but being on holiday is difficult at the best of times! What do you guys think?

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Hi and welcome! :)

Well, my personal view on this diet is comit to it and do it 100%,which is what I did in 2008. That meant it went with me on holidays, parties, wherever. It is not lie other diets, and I have seen time and time and time again strong people with best intentions struggle getting back on track after.

Three weeks is early days in getting into the full on full blown ketosis. You are just starting to really get in to the groove then. To break the diet at that point would seem kind of a waste of time and effort as you will just have to do the harderst part again.

Personally, I would wait the three weeks.

That might not have been the advise I would have given 3 years ago, but I think that would be more sensible. :)

It is whatever you feel is best for you though. :)

Good luck deciding!


Surgically happy.
I agree - wait. It's a difficult diet to dip in and out of. If you're determined, maybe the lite version but I'd wait.

Everyone I know who broke the diet struggled badly after (especially those who broke for xmas - none of those made out back.
Yep Andy. I remember that. That is why I committed 100% - I felt I could only do this once and was afraid to ruin it - there was no way I would risk it.

Its doable on holiday - I took a month holiday in the states and stayed on it the entire time - but its not easy. (it was worth it - i came back 19 pounds lighter!!! when does THAT happen on hols!!!? :D) But it wasnt easy.



Surgically happy.
I'm a very "all or nothing" type of person. I know that one tiny lapse will end it for me, as I won't be able to stop myself from there.

I use the fear to stay 100% This diet will let anyone lose weight if they want to - but you have to pay by the rules.
Thanks folks, your thoughts are really helpful! I've just got back from my information evening and have discussed some dates with the counsellor. I could start just before or just after and I'm going to go with after. There is no way I could do the first week whilst away so I think I'm better to start on the 16th of Aug. That does mean I'm still a month a way so i will just have to be careful, otherwise I'll have another stone to lose!
By the way BL you have done SO well, I remember when you were losing about the same time as me. I'm hoping the support of Lighterlife will help me stick to it in maintainance!


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I'd be on the wait wagon as well.. Saying that is there a good time to start ? There is always something on the horizon.

Good luck in whatever you choose xx


best of luck juju doll x


Hi and welcome,good luck when you get started and enjoy your holiday,then you can come back all fresh and focused!!
Sexy xx
Thanks folks ... looks like the holiday isn't happening now so I'm starting on the 2nd. Whoop!!
Thank you, this is such a friendly part of the forum, I have to admit I find some other parts a bit aggressive, but every one here is so chilled! I think it's the ketosis buzz.... 2 weeks to go! X


im excited for you juju as i know how i felt......ooh fingers crossed x
Yay! All signed ..... Plus he offered me a gastric band if it doesn't work.... Hmmmm
Yay!!! COngrats! Thats one step closer!! :)

Gastric band - thats to me, is way to drastic. I think you will nail this, and then it wont be an issue. But I have seen a lot of people have serious problems with bands. Not only that, many regain it anyway - like other diets - it only reduces the stomach - but doesnt change the head. I am glad you are doing this instead. :)

You will be up and running soon!!

(sorry to hear some of the site can be aggressive. I must admit I seldom wander outside the LL part. That's a bummer though....we are all here for the same reason, to support each other. anyway - we are a great bunch here! If I do say so myself - and you are just another great addition. :)

Cant wait to see how you go!!

:welcome2: Juju
You won't need the gastric band - we KNOW LL works.
When you reach your goal you can go back to your GP and tell him
thanks for the offer , but you don't need the band so he's now got X amount of £s left in his budget!
Also, for you - no surgery much less impact on your body.
LL best way to go.
Good luck. I look forward to seeing your progress.
Thank you lovely ladies, I agree with the band, it's something I really want to avoid and will not fix the head in any way. I'm looking forward to it already ... x


Tough But Sexy X
Hey lovely, just want to reinforce what Rhe beautiful ladies have said, LL works, you only need to look at people's stats to see that, it also offers the counselling sessions as mentioned which are invaluable, they teach you to understand you and learn new behaviours nit only food related but life related!

I think it's important to understand this journey is going to be challenging, but who doesn't love a challenge right!?! Especially the first week as it's such a lifestyle change, I can only suggest you push through it and keep busy, this forum is amazing you will always find someone who has been there done it and bought the t shirt! Drink plenty of water and space your packs it really helps.

It's good to have a diary it gives you the opportunity to write down all those thoughts and feelings, most tale off with the diaries as the weight comes off generally because things become less challenging.

Set yourself some goals as these will keep you motivated along the way and really start to visualise yourself reaching them and how that will make you feel!

As for the band, what band you won't need it LL will give you your life back!

Good luck hun xx

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