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Advice Needed

Hi Everyone!

From reading this forum it’s obvious that a lot of people have managed to reach their weight loss goals and found the support they needed from other forum members.

I therefore feel that I have come to the right place and hope that I can get some much needed advice.

I'm a 54 year old married bloke and I'm at least 2 stone overweight. I'm 5'8" and 14 stone.

Last year I managed to get down to 12 1/2 stone and felt a lot better for it but...since the beginning of this year my weight has been relentlessly going up and I’ve had to get larger trousers (size 38):sigh:

There were periods when I know I was eating all the wrong stuff (dry cream crackers!!!!)but since May I have been watching my diet and exercising more but haven't seen any results yet.

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong?

I don't drink a lot of alcohol, if I do it’s beer and I probably have about 1 or 2 pints a week on average.

I don't do sugary, fizzy drinks
I don't have sweet puddings
I avoid eating lots of potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, pizza, chips, pastry, crisps, crackers, chocolate, etc

I rarely eat anything that’s been deep fried and tend towards green vegetables and lean meat.

I go for a bit of a run on most mornings and do a few press-ups

So…if I were doing all the things the obesity advisors suggest that we avoid then I would know where to start but I tend to think that my diet and activity level is reasonably healthy.

Anyone got any suggestions on what to do next?
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Have you kept a food and exercise diary? When I am not dieting I think I eat, drink and exercise well but still gain weight or at best stay the same. I need to plan out my meals and exercise and stick to it fairly rigidly to shift any weight. Everyone is different but maybe worth doing a specific 'plan' like SW or WW just to get back on track. Take care and best of luck.
Thank you lass321 the food and exercise diary makes good sense so I will give it a go. I did SW at the same time as my Wife but she went to the classes and I just ate what she cooked. I don't really fancy joining a club myself though so I'll stick to the diary and see how it goes.:)
Sounds like a plan. I don't like classes either so I do it alone too. I'm doing a vlcd at the moment, but I don't lead a very active life a the moment so I need something drastic to keep the weight loss moving. There is lots of good menu advice on this forum if you look for it. If you still find the weight isn't shifting after a week or two you xcan do SW online if you don't like classes. The best of luck, I'm sure you'll do great.
Hi and welcome. Or you could join the SW online to keep control.

You can do it.

Irene xx
Hi and Thanks IreneH

I'm looking to do a low-carb diet. I've cut out a lot of starchy carbohydrates apart from the couple of slices of toast and Marmite I have for breakfast. I mainly eat meat or fish and green veg or salad.

I started doing low carb last year and was fairly strict with it until Christmas when I started eating spuds, sweets, puddings etc and then just carried on eating 'normally' again.

The weight - loss I achieved last year has been reversed and I've only just managed to get back on track but the results aren't spectacular.

I'd be happy to get back to 12 1/2 to 13 stone which, in terms of BMI is still overweight. My ideal weight is 11 1/4 stone which I don't think is achievable.

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