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Advice needed

Im a big girl, 16.7st and im currently 16 weeks pregnant with my first. Before I fell pregnant I was following SW quite successfully and loosing the weight so planned on sticking to it to help minimise any unnessesary weight gain. Thing is, my expectations outweighd reality and I was quite ill for the first 15 weeks so it was junk food all the way.

Now im feeling loads better, have more energy and feel I would like to start my healthy eating plan again to help minimise the weight gain, so iv come back to minimins and SW.

The thing is and I dont want to sound like this is a half harted attempt, I dont plan on doing it 100%, 100% of the time. Today for instance, I follwed a green day and had all my syns, but come 8.30 this evening I was starving, so I had a Slice of Whoemeal toast... Technicaly, I have syned as i diddnt have the allowance for my toast but had it any way, but my mum is making me feel bad for even trying. She says my hearts not in it if im not 100% so theres no point in depriving my baby of the food its craving (sweet stuff and bread).

Now I know I havnt been 100%, but the way I see it is, my diet today was fantastic compared to past monthes and if im hungry then im going to eat as im pregnant,but it will be healty choices, I just cant seem to make people understand why I want to minimise unessesary weight gain. I cant see the problem in following the basic concept of SW but if my body says it wants food then im going to give it food within reason.. Or am I completly loosing the plot hear lolXX
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Makes perfect sense to me! I put on 4.5st unnecessarily with my first pregnancy, with my other 2 I ate far more but definitely minimised the damage by making the right choices 90% of the time.

I joined SW this time in May when my youngest was 5 weeks old. It's only been the past couple of weeks that I've really tried sticking to plan. Before that it was definitely damage limitation - breastfeeding is hungry work! At least following the plan roughly I was filling up on healthy options and then having far less snacks.

Ignore what anyone else says, listen to your body and if you are hungry then eat and don't beat yourself up over it, all the time knowing you are making the best possible choices the rest of the time :) x
there is a great thread on pregnancy and sw, lots of others in similar situations to give advice and support


Put the kettle on
Have a look on the other thread which should have good tips. The way I see it is that there is nothing wrong with wanting to eat as healthy possible while pregnant to give you and your baby the best start, regardless of what it does for your weight.

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