Advice on AAM week please!


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I am REALLY looking forward to my AAM week in a couple of weeks time (and again xmas week:D) but have read posts by a few people who have found it very difficult to get back to SSing afterwards. Was wondering if anyone can offer any tips on how to overcome this and what pitfalls to look out for or would be prepared to share thier success stories?

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If you stay within what it tells you to have on AAM week on page 7 of your yellow booklet, you should be fine. You shouldn't come out of ketosis and I never really noticed going from AAM week back to Ss as a problem. What I did always notice was that it seemed to speed my metabolism up a notch and I lost more the week after AAM.
My No 1 tip would be to weigh it all and do exactly as the book states.

Also try to think of it as another Cambridge meal, rather than thinking 'right...this is the week that I get to eat'.

If you've been having bars, you are already eating (suppose that could be said for shakes too). This is only just a small increase in calories.

With the meal being the right size and the head in the right place, I think you'll find you get back to SS without a problem.

As already said, as long as you stick to it properly, you'll be fine. It's really nice to have food again, but it is a small amount & I don't think you'll miss it again the following week. You'll stay in ketosis, so it's not a problem and will continue to lose. Enjoy it :)
I found it easier going back on to SS after meant that I didn't have to think about food, and going back to sachets and bars took any decisions away about what else I could eat...I found it a bit of a relief really.
IT's my first day SS'ing after my first week of AAM and I, like you, was worried about going back to not eating "proper" food... but it's been ok. I have found that making the recipes has made a huge difference to my ability to stick to the SS plan.. I am encouraged by the comment that I might lose more this week than last too.. lol.. but I would say that all the above advice is really sound.. definitely portion control.. it would have been very easy to allow an extra ounce or two of chicken, fish or even a mountain of veg... but if you just stick to it, you shouldn't have any probs hun. Enjoy your AAM week - I certainly did and am looking forward to the next one at Christmas! lol Good luck! Am sure you will do just tickety -boo! x
Thank you Mme Dotty, Snowy, Butterscotch and FFF,

It really helps me to stay focussed and think positively to hear your own experiences, and in particular your success stories, with AAM. :)
As I already said I am looking forward to it rather than dreading it but I SO want to get it right!

Thank you all,

Jeanie x
Hiya, I loved my AAM week!! Was a bit apprehensive coming up to it, but only had teeny portions and stuck to jus grilled chiken breast & mushrooms for the whole week (am not very experimental!!) Didnt have a problem getting back to SSing and wasnt hungry or anything like really glad I did it and am so looking forward to my next one!!