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Advice on calorie counting!!!!!

Hi, I have tried all sorts of diets and slimming clubs, the latest being the Cambridge Diet, which although I lost nearly a stone, I missed real food so much. I thought I would try counting calories, and would like to know what success any one has had with counting calories and also if anyone has any advice.


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Hiya Sturdy

If one thing is guaranteed to make you lose weight it is counting calories as you can then be sure how many you are having!! I recommend using weightlosseresources.co.uk as that site had the calorie value of everything I have ever wanted to know.

My mum lost 5 stone counting calories with an organisation called Slimming Magazine. It was quite a few years back (many years) but it did work for her, i just cannot remember how long it took her.


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My mil lost 4st by counting calories over a 2yr period.

All here recipe books have the calorific value next to every single ingredient. That's dedication for you.

Good luck with the calorie counting.


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Hi Sturdy,

I lost nearly 11 stone in just under two years, but I am now back fighting the battle again.
I would advise buying A -Z calories, costs about £2.50 and is packed full of calories for all different foods, including eating out and supermarket brands.

Good luck with your calorie counting. :)


** Chief WITCH **
Hello there, and I hope you don't mind me joining in,

As you'll see from my ticker, I lost my weight through healthy eating and even maintained with not too much difficulty for three years. Whether quitting smoking is wholly responsible for my two stone regain is dubious, but I have certainly slipped back into very bad habits which I want to hit on the head sharply!

To help me, I calorie counted a week's food on WLR and am trying to get my head back in the right place to lose weight. Where I'm concerned at least, behaviour around food is key to this whole weight loss thing. When the mind is in the right place, the rest all follows naturally...

Hoping you guys can help out with some encouragement and hard slaps if need be! Day one almost finished and feeling good. Going for alternate strict (1,000) and less so (1,400) days for first two weeks for a good weight loss.
Thanks for all your replies, I will go to the web site recomended and also buy A-Z of calories.

I will let you all know how I get on.




Gone fishing
Thanks for all your replies, I will go to the web site recomended and also buy A-Z of calories.

I will let you all know how I get on.


Take the 3 day free trial before you buy the book. It has everything on there plus more.

Best of luck
the smoke-free Maintainer said:
Hoping you guys can help out with some encouragement and hard slaps if need be! Day one almost finished and feeling good. Going for alternate strict (1,000) and less so (1,400) days for first two weeks for a good weight loss.
Good on ya. Best of luck...though I'm sure you'll be fine. You're an expert:cool:


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Hi Sturdy,

Good luck with the calorie counting, keep us informed. :)

Hi Maintainer,

Firstly well done on quitting smoking. Secondly well done on maintaining for three years and thirdly well done on tackling your weight gain now, ( I waited til I had regained the lot :eek:)

Totally agree with your quote about if your head is in the right place your body will follow. Just hoping my head is now in the right place. :)


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hi Holly,

It was actually your posting which encouraged me to speak up and join in NOW before I regained the lot (which, this weekend eating non stop, I could see that I could quite easily do if I continued the way I had been going)...

We obviously have similar issues, and hopefully by joining forces we can put a halt to the gain, and lose!

Karion - thanks as ever. I feel rather weak and wobbly at the moment though, and not at all "expert", but I'm feeling more positive this morning, did my 30 min fast walk this morning (which felt FAR longer than usual and hurt FAR more!), and even the scales smiled at me and moved down from yesterday!
Maintainer, you've already overcome one of the hardest addictions known to man, Smoking. And if you can kick that into touch you can do anything.

You're to be admired for realising you needed to do something about your weight now rather than wait till you'd regained it all (like i did and more!). I'm sure together we'll kick fats butt!


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Thanks Carrot - it's true that tomorrow will be six months quit (thank you Allan Carr!) and I must learn to focus more on the positive rather than the negative...

Shall we continue all posting on this thread or which forum is appropriate for us restarters/calorie counters whatever?

Anyone interested in posting daily menus? I always find that once I've posted what I'll eat for the day, I'm far less likely to eat anything extra for fear of having to post a confession! What do you all think about that?

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are as it's absolutely glorious here today which must help raise our morales for the task ahead...
The sun is lovely here. It's a brill day. I've just been on the three day free trial for weighloss resourses website and they've given me a calorie allowance of 1100, do that seem a little low to anyone? I thought i end up with at least 1500. What is everyone else eating?


** Chief WITCH **
What do you weigh Sarah? What did you put as your target weight?

Remember that you can "earn" some calories through exercise.

I'm doing 1,000 for a few days to get back into the swing of things, then plan to alternate 1,000 and 1,400 which I found worked better for me than having the same every day for some unknown reason.


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Morning everybody, :)

Sarah, I belong to a club where everybody starts off on 1500 cals a day regardless of start weight, although some people who are near to target drop down if they can not lose weight on that level.
I have 1500, but like Joanne I play around with it, so I have some more days than others, but I know that if I had to stick to 1000 a day every day I would cheat so what would be the point better to have more calories and stick to them.

Joining forces seems an excellent idea. Let's keep each other on track.

Calories so far today

2 Weetabix and milk and a cup of tea 200 calories.

Planning on eating

Two toast (200) with low fat pate for lunch (90)and I have made a sausage casserole for one for tea, made with low fat sausages (430)

That only adds up to 920 so still have some cals left, for mid morning snacks and supper.

Looking forward to weigh in tonight. :D
Wow you found a club in your area? What's it called?


** Chief WITCH **
Here's my food diary for today:

B: 1/2 grapefruit, 1 small boiled egg, 1 low calorie yoghurt

L: chicken breast with homemade ratatouille and steamed fresh green beans, carrots and parsnips (large portion of veg too OH decided he doesn't want to eat veg this week and I can't bear to waste them now that I've steamed them! Old habits die hard.)
1 low calorie yoghurt

Snack: 1 apple

D: 6oz shelled prawns with lettuce, celery, beetroot, spring onions, tomatoes, one spoonful of coleslaw

3L minimum water

That's just under a 1,000 so room for a little error!

Holly - weigh in tonight? Did you start a while back? I too am interested in knowing about your club. As I'm in France, I wouldn't be able to go anyway but didn't know clubs existed for cc's.

Sarah - I saw your target weight is 9 stone, a lot lower than mine. I'm old you see and I was told I was looking more so when I momentarily dipped under 10 stone! Perhaps you're shorter than me?

Sturdy - how's it going?
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Hi Maintainer, i'm only a weiney little thing at just under 5ft 3in so more like 5ft 2.5in.


To infinity and beyond!

Just had my pate on toast, very nice, but had thick toastie bread - 115 cals per slice, but lovely.

I joined my club last week, so my first weigh in tonight. It is run by a local lady who runs three clubs, but just in East Brirmingham - sorry.
When I lost weight before, I joined Slimming Magazine Club, however they folded a few weeks after I started, but I know a lot of leaders started on their own. Quite a few belong to National Independent Slimming Clubs, try their web site on National Independent Slimming Clubs and see if their is one in your area (not in France though sorry Joanne).
Talking of which how long have you lived there? Do you find it harder to find low cal goods in the shops?

By the way, I am 5' 10" and weighed in last week at :eek:23 st 12.5lb :eek::eek: When I reached target last time I was 12 stone, but to be honest if I am only looking at getting back to my 'teens' at the moment.

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