Advice on Carbs and Grams of Fat please? :)

tenstonewannabe (L)

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Hi everyone.

I'm new to this page. I used to do lipotrim for 6 weeks and lost two stone but then piled it back on so instead of doing SW or WW decided healthy eating was the best thing!

Ive been excercising about 4 times a week but i'm just wondering what the right amount of carbs and grams of fat is right to have. i eat between 1200-1500 cals a day. i have been 150 - 250 grams of carbs a day and have between 25-50 grams of fat. but very rare i have them many grams of fat. it does depend on what i eat each day. does anybody have any idea if i'm eating too much of anything??

btw i refuse to weigh myself because it disheartens me too much so im just measuring myself every week. but last time i checked about 3 months ago i was 13 stone so im guessing im between 13 and 14.

Could somebody be ever so kind to give me some advice?

Emily :) xx
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Hi, to be honest I don't bother checking on the carbs & fats as long as I stay within 1200-1400 calories per day and exercise (walking mainly) as many days as possible. I just make sure if I have rice I won't have bread in the same meal and it seems to be working ok up to now, good luck x :) x