Advice on doing CD whilst working shifts!


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Hi All, I'm due to start a new job next week and want to start CD as well. I'm worried though cos my new job involves day shifts and night shifts - this is completely new to me and I was wondering how to do the diet whilst working the shifts.

Does anyone have any advice on how to go about this? I am also worried about starting the diet infront of my new colleagues and all the questions I will get about not eating.

Advice please....... and thanks in advance.
Andrea x
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hi i do shift work the early is 7 till 2.30 late 1.30 till 9 then night is 9 till 8, i have not told my work mates i do the diet. I take tetras with me, and i sneak away at break and have one quickly and when im not eating i say i had porridge first thing and still full or a on a late i say im having a big dinner when i get home, on night shift you have to have somethings again you can have anything if you wanna mix it up but pouring the tetra in the cup leaves them none the wiser or have a bar with a cuppy :D
hope this helps. The reason ive not told my work mates about this is one of the other nurses did lighter life and was very very ill during it who knows why.. but needless to say they blame the diet i cant be bothered with explaining myself to them all :D


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The day im starting cd this friday im on nites lol how do u work the 3 packs over the nites/days?


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I do a combination of day and night shifts. The days are fine as I have one one shake on route to work, one around 4pm and porridge or shake in the evening but nights play havoc. I have school age children so have to sleep in the day so when I'm on nights I sometimes have one in the morning before going to sleep (til collecting the kids), one when I wake then one on the way to work (about 9pm, one around midnight and one around 4 - 5 am, go home around 7.30, get kids ready etc then come home and go to bed.

For me i also usually carry a choc bar when I'm on shift - just in case - and I have no qualms about having extra shakes. My weight loss is not usually as good when I've been doing nights but it keeps me going. I drink gallons of water/coffee overnight.

I do tend to buy/have extra packs when I'm doing nights as my body clock goes out of sync - hence I'm wide awake at this time of night.

I hadn't told my collegues at work apart from my immediate team (3 people) but I've recently realised that everyone knows anyway !!

Good luck with the diet - it's great once you get used to it.
with love x


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thanks for all the replies. I'm going to be working 12 hour shifts either days or nights. Its all in a hospital environment so was worried about what the nurses would say etc.

At least I know its possible to do though.

Thanks again.



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HI there!
i have worked shifts since FOREVER. and like others say, just have a a few spare packs for nights. days is no problem at all. but nights, i have been subject to feeling hungry esp with your body out of sync. and my CDC used to say it was best if i had half a shake or bar, or a whole one, just to tide me over for the shift, than have food or struggle through wth nothing and feel worse for it.

this diet is completely workable on shifts, i just think you have to listen to your body and know when you need a bit extra as it is demanding working shifts.


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I work shifts too, I'm just going to see how I go and I think as I am new to it all it will be trial and error! Best wishes


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Andrea i work in d hospital too. I am a bank nurse, so just go where ever they send me. But usually on nites we have our breaks seperate anyway. Its during the day that worries me in the canteen. Or on the wards when the patients hand in chocolates.

I am doing the primary 1 screenings starting in january. And got my letter today with the training date, and was told lunch will be provided :argh: