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Advice on dress buying needed....


Likes being a girly girl
Hi all, I need some advice.......

I am going to a wedding on August 2nd and saw THE most divine dress in Bay Trading today.......I have a feeling they are Spring fashion dresses, and they may not be in stock nearer to the wedding, so I really need some advice......

I so want to buy one as an incentive and also because I would love to wear it to the wedding, BUT I have no idea what size to buy!!!!

I'm a size 16 at the moment and weigh 13.3 and I'm 5' 3". On average I'm losing around 2-3 lbs a week.....ideally i would love to be at my goal of 9.5 by the wedding, but obviously we never know what may happen between now and then....so realistically what size do you think I should buy?
I was thinking a size 12.......but that just scares the beejesus out of me....lol! What do you all think?

Oh and I can't find a picture of the dress but it is the same style as this one.....just in dark turqoise/blue patterned with blue netting underneath.
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Likes being a girly girl
Thanks guys........I've never worn a dress thats shown my legs before :eek:...and definately never worn a dress that doesn't have THICK straps to cover the 'over the shoulder boulder holders' THICK straps either! ;)

Would be nice to have visible collar bones (not sticky out Posh Spice ones tho) to show off too, iykwim!?
Cant see the picture for some reason...

But playng it safe buying a dress cut onthe bias is a good idea cos the dress will 'move' with you so if you buy now the hemline would rise as the width takes the fabric - but as you slim the length gets longer, as there is not so much 'padding' underneath..

for example in ideal world they are selling reversable dresses, see link

Product Description

Sorry forgot to add buy in a 12

Deb G

Silver Member
Don't buy yet! I did this, thinking that I would end up a size 12 at the end of it all, but I'm actually an 8 and now the dress is too big! Also - you don't know exactly what your shape is going to be, so you may find that the style isn't right for you once you get to goal. I'm sure that there will be LOTS of lovely dresses to choose from in August!
I agree with Deb G. I have wasted a fair bit of money buying size 12 clothes that just dont suit me. I bought them when i was larger and thought they would look fantastic but as my shape has changed they just make me look large and frumpy instead of gorgeous (as i had imagined)
i am also a shorty and at 13,3 i was a size 16, now at 11,3 i am a 14...

we shorties tend to go down sizes quite slowly lol!!!

i personally would be a good 12 at 9,5, so i would buy a 12.

worst case scenario is its too big and a good dry cleaners can take it in where needed!!!
at least it will be too big and not too small...


is Special :P
OMG i bought the black version of that dress for the wedding went to last year (whilst i was on CD)

I bought a size 12.....i was a size 18 in August and i fit into a 12 for the wedding in december......Im 5 foot 4....and lost about the same as you per week.

I was still around in November this dress just take into consideration if you eat at the wedding it may not fit the day after if its a perfect fit.

Taz x

I reckon i would wait till nearer the time, no point in you wastin money now i know you want to get it now but then you dont know what size you will be. Or you could get it and get it altered if needed?

Fab dress by the way stunning,im sure it will look fab on u

becky x
Love The Dress So Fifty's Id Buy There Always Magic Knickers :d:d ( A Godsend):d

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