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Advice on getting married abroad....

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
...OK, so it's Saturday night and the OH is watching the footie so thought I would indulge in some wedding planning! Although we're not planning on getting married until 2012 I quite like to take a peek at the wedding websites etc. Anyhow... we're going to get married abroad, small family affair in Italy...does anyone have any experience of organising a wedding abroad - all hints and tips gratefully received xxx
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i love minimins me :)
Have a look on this wedding forum A Wedding Forum they have a section just for weddings abroad. I was going to get married in cyrpus but have decided against it due to family issues!

Have fun planning



Yummy Mummy! xx
My sister got married in Cuba 3 years ago and it was AMAZING!

The travel company and hotel were brilliant at organising stuff including documents and things and the minute she arrived at the hotel she had a meeting with the wedding planner there and arranged the flowers, photography,food,hair/makeup etc. They picked the meal and where they wanted it -they decided on the beach on evening by candelight - amazing!!!

All of her wedding photos were delivered to their room 2 days later in a beautifully arranged case.

It was unforgettable and the team were amazing.

The best thing to do is have a good look around and look into which companies provide the best services.(some companies dont deal with the paperwork and legal aspect so look into it).

The only downside my sister said was that becuse they got married abroad (and outside the EU I presume) she couldnt legally change her surname in the UK until they had been married for 1 year.

Good luck with the organising and keep us updated with the progress!!!!!
Just a cautionary word if you book anything through the Internet. My nephew and his now wife arranged there wedding here in Spain in village not far from us as both had grandparents who had lived there.

When they contacted the "company" they were bogus and they lost there money and the ceremony.

Any of the reputable companies are good and you can book with confidence. Two nieces have done that and been thrilled with their special days.

Please let us know all you plans, you know we are all voyeurs lol !!!
I got married abroad :D

We got married here:


OMG It was magical & it totally out did my expectations.

We booked everything through Thomas Cook. If you go into the travel agents or on-line, they have lots of different wedding brochures.

We wern't able to get a definate wedding date until we were there but did have an idea as we requested a certain date. Once out there we met the wedding co-ordinator & got the date confirmed. They arranged a company to come & do hair & make up & had details of companies that did wedding cakes, flowers & photographers etc. They also can help arrange receptions, but again it was all once we were out there.

I went out before hand & looked around venues for our reception & arranged all that myself. I also took out a photographer!

In the end we have 70ish guests fly out for our wedding so it was a fairly big one! It was great, most days more people would be arriving so that was really good & certainly kept the excitment going!

The one bit of advice I would give - I knew people were going away for their holidays aswell as attending our wedding, but we also wanted to make sure we had a honeymoon!! So we asked everyone, if they were wanting any longer than a week, to please arrange this so we have some privacy in the 2nd week, ie a honeymoon!

Oh & there was no problem in getting my surname changed :)
That looks stunning.......where is it ??

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Ahhh you guys never disappoint me! We are planning on getting married somewhere in Italy in 2012 - very small family do and then a big party when we get back! Although we're off to the Amalfi for 2 weeks this September, this was booked before got engaged on Christmas Eve so it's not a recce trip, even though I'm sure we may take a peek at some places! I've looked at Citalia and Kuoni and will request their brochures next year for more up-to-date prices! Am getting very excited, especially as I'm sat here with a V&T looking at dresses etc. while OH potters on the van! xxx
How exciting. Any chance of the pictures of the dresses you like.................

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
How exciting. Any chance of the pictures of the dresses you like.................
Of course! Just let me know when my 'bridezilla' kicks in! I love all things vintage, so would love a vintage style, lace dress in ivory - art deco is one of my fav periods along so I'd quite like a dress in this style or 50s, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn etc.



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I got married in Turkey in 2007 and it was perfect, booked thru First Choice and their wedding organiser arranged everthing, she basically had a brochure with ideas and we picked what we wanted, she even arranged an English hairdresser and makeup artist! All we had to do was turn up. I bought loads of bits and pieces with me for the table decoration but I needn't have bothered cos the restaurant decorated the table beautiful in the colours I had chosen. Instead of presenting our mums with flowers, we arranged for a "Wedding" rose plan to be delivered the day after we came home. I'd love to do it again!
That looks stunning.......where is it ??
St Paul's Bay, Lindos Rhodes. It was stunning, I had everyone on the small beach watching, clapping & cheering when we were married. After the photo's we walked to our reception venue as no cars can go into the tiny cobbled streets & everyone was stopping up to congratulate us & wish us well. Even had people taking photo's I felt like a celeb!!!

DD - I LOVE THAT DRESS!!!! It is stunning!! You just reminded me actually, I left mine on the plane!! argh! Only remembered as I was walking off, thinking I am sure I was carring something when I got on here - god could you imagine if i'd actually left it!!:eek::eek::eek:
I wish i got married abroad our families caused that much trouble for us although we had a lovely day it was without both of our sisters. We want to renew our vows when we have been married ten years abroad. So only five more years to go :)


Yummy Mummy! xx

That dress is absolulety STUNNING!!!

IF i get married (been with OH for 8 years and still no sign - men eh??) I would definately go for that era!

Pls,pls,pls keep us up to date with wedding plans! xx

I love it.......just love it. It makes me want to get married all over again and we have done the renewing of vows bit !!!

I can imagine this on you. I have never seen a photo of you but from your stats you must be looking quite willowy by now.

I would look no further............it really is the biz !!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!

I love it.......just love it. It makes me want to get married all over again and we have done the renewing of vows bit !!!

I can imagine this on you. I have never seen a photo of you but from your stats you must be looking quite willowy by now.

I would look no further............it really is the biz !!
Willowy!! Fillymum - I love you! Pic of me at a friend's wedding in my photo gallery - still a way to go but I'm getting there xxx


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WOW!! That dress is stunning, just looked at your pic and think you will look amazing in it. I got married in the New Forest in an amazing hotel so can't help you out with the wedding abroad bit sorry but it's great planning it all and good luck xx
You look stunning and in that dress will look doubly, no treble, stunning.
We got married in Las Vegas - 2001 - everything was booked through Virgin...we were in the UK then... and they were amazing...we had a wedding planner allocated to us in the UK and one in Vegas.. and they didnt mind if we spoke to the chapel directly as I had some concerns....it was so good we are planning to renew our vows next year on our 10th anniversary and this time I will book it all via the internet myself....

Have a brilliant time with the planning and enjoy ......
we got married here Weddings Abroad at La Pirogue Hotel Mauritius in 2004 and had such a fantastic time.

What I did was do lots of research beforehand, and spoke to a high street travel agent who had organised lots of weddings.

Just the 2 of us went out there, we were there a week before we got married and a week afterwards.

Once at your resort of choice they really are fantastic and do everything possible to make your day special. They organised all the legal documents and I had no problem changing my name in the UK. Everything from my choice of flowers, hair, venue etc. was arranged. We got married in a flower filled gazebo, had pictures on the beach and then had a romantic meal for two on the beach - heaven!

If I could do it again tomorrow I would! :character00250:
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