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Getting married 21 July 2011 :eek:


Chronic dieter!!!
So i got engaged this June, it was AMAZING, and we were supposed to be getting married in 2012.... But overseas family couldn't make it so it changed to 2013.... But that seemed so far away, and there was no guarantee that all the family could make it then either so my parents have said they'll help out and we are getting married next year.... And i am FREAKING OUT!!! I have a list of venues, but nothing booked, i have looked at dresses, but none of them really stand out, i have to get invitations sent out in January because so many are coming from overseas, but i have no colour scheme.... I hope i'm not being a super crazy bridezilla, but this is not good, right??? And my weight loss is not going so great, i had hoped to have lost more by now as i need to order my dress by no later than the end of January and i'm no where near the size i want to be, and have no idea if i will be the size i want to be by next summer... Sorry to rant but i just feel a little overwhelmed and needed to offload :sigh:

I guess its the stress of trying to:
1. Co-ordinate a wedding when i've just changed jobs, just finished my degree but still have minor things to sort out with my thesis before i can graduate which i need to get done by December and still finishing off work from my old job because i've just been too stressed to focus on it!
2. Trying to organise a wedding in Scotland when i live in Oxfordshire!!! (We wanted a humanist wedding, so it made sense at the time to choose Scotland). At least i have now booked to go up in December to view the shortlist of venues i've made and hopefully, it will be booked by the end of December, which then means i can organise all the other things around the venue - celebrant, photographer etc etc...
3. Trying to make things easier for those coming from overseas. I have family coming from Australia, France and possibly Portugal so my budget needs to include accommodation for them, so its been hellish trying to find venues that can do everything i want and still cater for the needs of all the overseas guests as well....

Well that's my :rant2: over!

I'm doing a blog so that my friends and family overseas who can't make it to the wedding can still feel a part of it: My Wedding Blog. Any tips, words of wisdom, or even just encouragement are most welcome!!! In particular i would love to hear from people who are from/live in Scotland or are having/have had a wedding in Scotland - could really do with some advice as my experience of Scotland are limited to 1 day i spent in Glasgow and 1 day i spent in Edinburgh.... In other words, none!!!

:) Thanks for listening :)
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Hey Margarino,

First thing, BREEEEEEEATHE.... :) Hope you feel better for getting it all down, it's a good way to process it all!

Second thing, I see a woman who already has three ticks on her goals, you are doing brilliantly, don't lose sight of that :)

I fear that you are viewing your wedding as this mammoth task and not the fantastically exciting event that it is going to be! At the end of the day it is about you and your fiancé and the amazing vow you are making to each other, everything else comes second. Your guests, even from overseas, are coming to help you celebrate, not because they expect the fanciest accommodation or everything to be set up and ordered their way. I'm sure they are just excited about having a lovely trip away in Scotland with you!

If I can give a few tips:

- As well as a budget plan, do you have a specific time plan? There are many websites out there where you can download plans, get yourself a 'wedding folder' if you haven't already, or set up a spreadsheet and start using it, once you have your plan, try and stick to it.

- It is hard getting married somewhere non local to you. Consider joining something like UK Bride - link is Wedding Dress l Wedding Dresses l Weddings (Moderator note: of which I have no affiliation to) which is a bit like facebook for brides. You type in where you are getting married and it gives you all your supplier information within a 50 mile radius as well as linking you to other brides who have similarities to you. This way you could also brides who are maybe from the area for their recommendations. The website ends up being completely tailored to you.

- The Dress - Please don't put too much pressure on yourself about finding the one. You will. I've said before on this forum, I think not knowing what style of dress you want is a good thing, it means you can go in with an open mind and try different styles on with no pressure. Stick to the same rules you would use clothes shopping. I know I look hideous in big 50s a-line skirts so I know a big princess style wedding dress would be a no-no.

- Colour scheme - quite simply what is your favourite colour? Are there colours both you and your fiancé like? Get some inspiration from either bridal magazines or sites, and even interior design/home ones which will tell you what colours go together. The other option is to go seasonal. Look at what flowers are in season in July and pick some naturally occurring colours and go from there. Once you have chosen buy some nice card and a few embellishments from a craft shop, get a few girly friends over, have some wine (mix with slim tonic for less syns!) and have some craft making fun, you'll have a laugh and it'll all get done.

You could also look into wedding planning assistance up in Scotland. Many wedding planners do half deals, where they take on a fraction of the planning, start it or finish it etc It may be worth shaving a bit off the budget elsewhere to do this.

Do try and make it enjoyable for yourself, wedding planning shouldn't be a chore, just remember the reason why you're doing it and you will have the most wonderful day x


Chronic dieter!!!
Hey MissO,
Thank you so much for your lovely post! There is so much information, i think i'm going to have to reread it when i have some "down time" over the weekend, but thank you for all the advice.
I hope you're having a wonderful day, you've certainly brightened mine :)
You are very very welcome! :)


Chronic dieter!!!
Well, am feeling much much better about the planning of the wedding, update:
1. Have found a lovely venue, going up next weekend to book it :D YAY!
2. Have found a celebrant and again going up next weekend to meet her :checkmark green: :checkmark green:
3. Have found a band that sound really good and most importantly don't cost an arm and a leg :party0049:
4. Both my fiance and i have sorted what we're wearing :woohoo:

So feeling much MUCH better :D

Now just need to sort out the weight and try to make my job less stressful!


Chronic dieter!!!
Going to get sized up for my day dress next Saturday and am super excited to see if the ladies at the shop notice a difference in my weight! I've already been sized up for my evening dress which i did just after Christmas but i think i have lost since then so fingers crossed it will show in the measurements they take as to fit in the evening dress i have to lose 4 inches off my hips!!!! Oh dear... Oh well at least i've got until July. Will give update next weekend and will also take photos to post :)
Good luck on your journeys ladies - WE CAN DO IT!


Chronic dieter!!!
Well went early to get measured so i wouldn't have to go into Reading tomorrow, and not only did the shop ladies notice, they were really impressed with how much i had lost! :) Didn't take any photos as i still don't fit into the size 12 dresses, so will wait until May when they come in.... Cannot wait!!!
Hello just found your diary... Where in Scotland are you getting married? Im from scotland!! I live just outside of Edinburgh. Nice choice btw ;-)
Hey margarino,

Just had to reply as I'm on CD too and getting married on Fri 22nd July this year, near Edinburgh!

Hope you're enjoying all the planning! Looking forward to hearing how its all going! Xxx


Chronic dieter!!!
WOW that is really cool, i don't think any of the other girls on here are getting married at the same time as us, lots of June's and i think some septembers but none that i have discovered in July! Planning is getting there, but as i don't live in Scotland it's a little slow.... Everything has been done by emails and phone calls which can be really frustrating! We're getting married about an hour away from Glasgow and not too far from Loch Lomond, which is nice cause all of us are coming from afar so we can have a little holiday as well :)
So how are your plans going? Nearly all done? What kind of wedding are you having?
btw awesome weight loss!!!
I'm from just outside Glasgow near loch lomond, where are you getting married is it Cameron house?


Chronic dieter!!!
I'm from just outside Glasgow near loch lomond, where are you getting married is it Cameron house?
Only in my dreams!!! :D

Nah, i did have a look but it was much too expensive for a simple girl like me! I'm getting married in Culcreuch Castle in Fintry on the other side of Loch Lomond near Stirling.

It's what i love about Scotland, you are so spoilt for choice! There is something for every budget and all the venues are so beautiful!
Oh yeah I know where that is!! It's lovely bet you can't wait!


Chronic dieter!!!
I'm sooooo excited now teetie! Cannot wait :) But my weightloss hasn't been going so great, had some major emotional blips in the last 2 weeks so have been eating myself stupid - not impressed! And my evening dress has arrived now so am worried because i still don't fit into it! Oh dear....
Yikes that's my biggest fear!!! Not fitting into my wedding dress considering I still have 53 pounds to lose to fit into it!!


Chronic dieter!!!
Oh my goodness! Less than 3 months to go.... dress does not fit, can't stick to any type of diet, stressed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel! Just feel like such a failure at the moment, need to sort my head out. Gonna make my first fitting in 6 weeks so hoping to lose 1.5-2 stone by then doing combination of Cambridge/atkins and exercise. Just hope I can change my attitude and do it right this time.
Oh dear!! Is it really the end of the world if they have to alter the dress?? You can only so what you can, do your very best on cambridge/Atkins from now until then and that's all you can do hun. There's no point stressing over it. 3 months is defo long enough to lose 1.5 stone if you are good ;-) put photos of your dress on your fridge and cupboards and if you feel like you are gonna cave give yourself 15 mins to wait and if you still want it as bad after that then have it, 9 times out of ten the craving goes.


Chronic dieter!!!
Well its day 5 of Atkins and i can't really say i am struggling at all, considering how much of a battle cambridge was (and i didn't even do it properly!!). 30 day shred is going equally well, and even though i am fed up of hearing Jillian talk a lot and not do much, i am getting right into it and it is bloody hard!!! Am slightly scared of what level 2 is gonna look like now :( Anyway, having a wedding planning weekend, sorting out the decorations for the evening shindig, really excited as we are having two themes to the day, afternoon = english tea party, 1950's, retro and "cutsie" and then the evening = art deco, hollywood glam!! Excitement PLUS!!!

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