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Advice on SW EE Please!!????

I'm starting a new job and looking to get back on SW I have lost 1.5 stone since Christmas but after finishing a stressful University Degree (revision eating!!:D) and getting my dream job I need to get back on track to get to my target of another 2 stone!

My job will involve lots of car travel and nights in travel lodges and no doubt corporate style buffets and B&B!!

So my question is how do I still do SW whilst not being able to cook my own food????:confused:
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Don't be afraid to be picky when you're eating out (no salad dressing, no oil, sauce on the side etc), keep a good stock of healthy snacks in your car and/or handbag, drink a glass of water before hitting the buffet so you don't feel so hungry, head for the fruit usually on offer that everyone else will ignore, remind yourself how much you've lost aready! Ummm, that's about all I can think of right now, but good luck!


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Oh dearie... How about making the best choices from what is available and leaving a healthy extra free to account for the oil in the food? Pick out fruit for breakfast followed by poached eggs on wholemeal toast, lunch lots of salad and a meat and baked potato and pretty much the same for dinner. Pack some alpen lights with you to enjoy with a tea when you're back in your room (you'll feel better about turning down dessert knowing you have something sweet to have in your room) and have lots of mullerlights in your fridge!! If you're ordering, choose grilled and steamed foods and I would stick to chicken and fish/seafood as you can't tell what cuts of beef/lamb is used...

If you're going to have a long car trip, pack your lunch (pitta sandwiches are great, you can pack in a lot more meat, tuna, eggs, ham, smoked salmon, chicken etc!) and lots of fruit you can munch on like apples, nectarines, grapes etc.

Good luck!
I am slightly worried that your dream job involves lots of nights away in travelodges!

Hotel brekkies can be kept on plan, you just need to ask for things to be grilled etc. Or just take a supply of high fi bars with you & have a bowl of fruit for brekkie.

Corporate buffet lunches nearly always involve something other than sandwiches, and often there is salad & fruit available. Again, keep a mugshot in your bag at all times.

Being on the road is the toughest part - early mornings, stuck in traffic, late home at night. Batch cooking is key, and planning ahead. Remember most service stations have an m&s or waitrose now, so you can always grab a salad if necesary.

Basically, with a bit if planning, and alot of discipline, its possible.
Just realiaed how down i sounded about a job where you are on the road!! Sorry about that - been doing it too long i think :) it is great fun usually!

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