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Advice on what to tell kids!?


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Hiya, I've not told mine I am on a diet(they r 5 & 6) as grew up with my Mum always on a diet & always failing, they often ask when I'm having dinner but i tell them I'm having dinner later once they r in bed which I used to do sometimes anyway so they don't question it, & I have porridge for breakfast & soup with them at lunchtime when they r not at school so they do c me eating sometimes so it's never been an issue. I did spend ages trying to decide if I shld tell them or not & suppose deep down feel if I do I have to succeed & never diet again & not 100% sure I believe i can do that just yet!!!



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Hi, I have 4 children. My daughter is 9 and my boys 6,3 and 1. I also had a mother that made eating food a major issue hence the fact I have struggled with food all my adult life. My boys aren't too bothered by this but my daughter is very impressionable. I have tried to bring her up with a healthy attitude to food and her changing body. At my heaviest I let them believe that I was more than happy with my shape and wobbles and was proud of my body for carrying 4 gorgeous children (and believe me they are gorgeous). I have been open with them and said my Dr has advised me to lose weight as it is affecting my knees (this is actually partly true) they have accepted this. I wasn't going to say anything at first but I'm glad I have as now people are starting to comment in how much weight I have lost and my daughter understands why they are complimenting me (I hope that makes sense).


Thanks guys :) she seems to have accepted that mummies having soup at the moment so hopefully they'll be no other questions! Lol x