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Hi guys
Good afternoon to you all!
Im on week 6 now at 100% can't quiet believe how quick it has gone.Im going to update my diary/stats in a bit,its been about 3-4 days!

OK my question is-I went on a sunbed yesterday with the hope of doing it a few times before my hols to get a base tan.I went on for ten mins and felt my bum was a bit rosy.Went back to work and got really bad shivers.Got home and I was so poorly.I stripped off and the bottom half of my back and from the waist down is claret red I am in so much agony,I have chills,nausea,my skin is so painful I hardly slept.IMO this sunbed is faulty,ten mins would not have done this. I have spoke to environmental health and am waiting for them to call me back.I have had to take the day off work because I am poorly.
Any further advice would be greatly appreciated,I dont know where to go with this.
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Sounds like it could be like sun stroke hun which the best thing you could do is seek advice from NHS online or pharmacy/doctor.

As for dealing with the tanning salon you need to take pictures of how your body is now, write down everything that you remember from going, even the smallest detail on a statement may be helpful, keep your receipt if you've got it and see a doctor who can confirm and will sign a medical report stating that the redness has been caused by excess exposure to strong UV rays. If you can get everything then if necessary you can contact a solicitor after dealing with environmental health and you should be able to get some level of compensation.

Hope you're feeling better soon xxx


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hiya rachy,
im so sorry this has happened to u.
i think the first thing u ought to do is go to the doctors.
for 2 reasons really, number 1 to check the burns arent severe enough to need proper burn cream and also check if u may have heatstroke as a result of an obvious fault on the sunbed.
the second reason is to get it down on ur medical file what has happened to u and how it is affecting u should u persue with a complaint and go down the line of accident claim (which i would as they should be checking the machines very regularly).
there is also risk that this may have done damage to your skin so definately get a once over by a doctor hun.
ringing enviromental health is a good first base to touch on. i would get the doctor done first and then would consider the option of contacting a 'no win, no fee' claims solicitor to persue reimbersment for ur pain and suffering ( not to mention loss of earnings).
good luck whatever u decide to do and i hope u feel better soon.
heatstroke is horrible. i have suffered from it several times myself.
be sure to keep ur fluids up, clear fluids preferably.


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Forgive me if I am wrong but 10 minutes is TOO long on a sunbed...surely they should have advised you.

I was told that you are meant to do a maximum of 9 minimum of 3 (starting at 3 minutes!)

Seriously - just because it's not as 'HOT' as the sun doesn't mean it's not as powerful (or as harmful) as it!

Go docs asap and I would suggest sleeping off the sunstroke..that is all you can really do.

Oh and my other suggestion is get a spray tan...best thing I ever did x
Thats definetley sun stroke.
And if it was the first time you used those sunbed, they definetley shouldnt have let you do 10minutes first time.
My friend owns a sunbed shop & i work in there sometimes.
Foolish of you too for going on first time for 10minutes, also did you use any creams?
Because did you know you lose 60% of your tan if you dont use a cream

Hopefully you'll feel betetr soon, drink plenty of fluids x
Sorry hun but 10 minutes is way too long. I start at 3 minutes and work my way up to 6. Even then, when I start going on for 6 it can get a bit nippy!!
I did the same thing before my hols a couple of years back and as i have olive skin and they recommended me 10minutes. I had gone to sun beds a couple if times before but this time I went really red specially as I used the tingle cream u can buy as the counter. Then went home n felt really sick spend the day in bed but was ok the next day. I thought maybe it was just me coming down with something!! U seem to have the same symptoms.
I'd say def see a doctor if ur not getting any better xx

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I'm sorry to hear of your experience!

You have not mentioned if it was a stand up or line down sunbed (as you can go on lie downs for longer so 10 mins is not necessarily too long if it was lie down)

Having said that, if it was a stand up, don't be too hard on yourself hun as the salon should have been there to advise you of the best times for your skin type.

If you do not feel any better overnight then get yourself to a doctors. And take photos of your burns incase it turns out the sunbed is faulty.

As for creams, i used to think it was a marketing gimmick to get more money out of me until i started to get really dry skin everywhere, i remember my stomach started to get flaky :eek: So i definitely recommend using a cream, the one i used to use smelt so scrumptious i ended up using it even when i wasn't going to use a bed :)

Well I hope you feel better soon hun, and keep us posted as to what happens

Hi guys,
Thank you for your replies! I have been out in the sun lots (when it has shown itself)this year so I have got a nice glow. I went on a lie down bed and asked for ten mins(I am not a sunbed virgin) they didnt say anything and gave me the token....
Maybe I should've started lower as I havn't been on one in a while?
I have had another day off work today as I am so raw I can't get comfy,luckily my sickness has subsided.I just hope the redness goes down by a week Monday!
I can't really consider a spray tan(although I love them very much!) as I'm going to a hot destination and my tan will go patchy.
Lesson learnt-no more sunbeds.But I do not believe for me 10mins was too long as I have regularly used 10/12 and 15 mins before.I would not be surprised if it is faulty(I contacted the environment health and they have booked in a visit to them,as they havn't followed even the simple rules of asking me about my prior tanning use)
Lets hope my WI tomorrow counteracts the bad sunbed experience!!
oh dear, hope you are feeling better. sunbeds are just as bad as sun for causing skin problems. i built up to 6 mins as i'm very pale and fair but 10 was a really long time. sometimes i think the diet can affect your body and it could have contributed to your problems. plenty of paracets and water along with after sun.

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