Advice please-Best time for walking ?

Discussion in 'Fitness Health and Exercise' started by mommyB, 22 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    Am thinking of starting walking in the new year,start of briskly and build up to proper power walking,but i was wondering is there a 'best' time of day to do it ?

    Thinking about how i will fit it into my day,some days it would be before breakfast-is this a good idea ? might it actually help burn calories ?

    Any advice would be great !
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  3. kenshin112

    kenshin112 Gotta Make A Change

    any cardio i usually do first thing in the morning on an empty stomach
    be it running or walking, and if im in the mood i also do it after the last meal of the day
  4. Justin

    Justin Banned

    There's not really a 'best' time, only the time thats best for you. Its only walking so there's no need to over-think it too much.

    Just put on your trainers and go =)
  5. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    Thanks, i just wondereing if any time was more beneficial than others ie empty stomach or not-want get the best results if i'm gonna do it !!

    You dont recommend heels then ?:D
  6. kenshin112

    kenshin112 Gotta Make A Change

    nah heels can be worn build those calfs up too ;)
  7. Justin

    Justin Banned

    I know there's a lot of talk about 'fasted cardio' on an empty stomach, and some people get results with it, but im not a big believer in it.

    When you eat a good combo of protein and carbs before exercise, this gives you more energy to perform a better workout (you'll burn more calories if you can work harder and for longer).

    The reason people do it is because first thing in the morning you have less sugar stored in your body, so fat is there to be burned. Or so people beleive...

    In reality, your sugar (or carbohydrate) stores don't just evaporate overnight. Your muscles are still filled with glycogen (carbohydrate in its energy form) so you won't really be burning 'just fat' as many people assume.

    Either way, trying to isolate and burn only fat isnt a very effective strategy for weight loss. Its actually sugar (carbs) stores that you want to burn. This is because people tend to eat a lot more sugar than fat, and any unused, excess sugar gets converted to fat.

    As I've said before, sugar and salt are the enemy, fats aren't as bad as people make out, since we eat a whole lot more sugar than we need to (we even eat sugar thinking that its healthy, in the form of bread, rice, pasta and fruit juice etc)

    Anyhow, with walking your not causing much of a metabolic effect so its really not worth thinking about effects of pre- or post-workout calories and that sort of thing.

    Just get out there, start moving and watch your sugar intake.
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  8. kenshin112

    kenshin112 Gotta Make A Change

    i agree with all them points you've put up justin
    usually before morning jog i sometimes have a black coffee, and than when i get back in a hearty breakfast :D
    i think the sugar i intake is from fruits other than that can't think of nothing else :D

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