Advice please - intro meeting tomorrow


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I'm not sure how much of this info will be covered in the consultation mtg tomorrow, but have been 'lurking' on here for a while and thought I would ask here anyway.

Basically, I need to lose 5.5 stone and after having seen various success stories am keen to start LL and also deal with some 'issues'.

But, I was just wondering how many people start and don't continue? I'm really excited about both losing weight and the counselling element of LL, and have pretty much convinved myself that I can do it already. I guess I don't want to jump ahead of myself, and wondered how many people drop out of it without completing their time?

I don't want to be negative, just realistic!


Hiya Maxie

As long as you stick to it then if everyone else drops out then you will get there!

I knew I would be able to do it like you know and hence don't think about others or compare and just concentrate on your suceeding which you will.

That weight will be gone in no time and you'll be slim just in time for the summer!! :)

Hi you have to want to do this for yourself or you will fail.... it also help that you can lose around a stone a month so even more encouragement to keep it will do fine.
Keep posting on here and let us know how you are getting on.
Good Luck for your meeting
Hi Maxine,

My group started (I say started, but not everyone was there the first week) with 9 people. There remains, almost at the 100 days 6 people. Having said that, one person transferred to a new group which was closer to their home. One person left because of health reasons (which are not mine to go into) and the final one left for financial reasons (again not mine to go ito).

Hi Maxie, welcome and good luck tonight with your intro meeting. You will have a chat will the councellor and watch a DVD. She will then ask if you want to sign up. If you do, then you fill in a form and get the medical certificate which need to be completed by your doctor ( I'd get an appoinment booked asap), you can't start until this has been done.

There were 11 in our group, one did not show after the first week so now we are at 10.

The best thing to remember and that is you are doing this for you and no one else, it's also not a competition!! We are all genetically different and will lose at different rates and times. Mathmatically, you will lose a stone a month, may be more.

Come and join us on the LL starters in Jan thread, we are pretty much at the same point in the journey and the first week or so is still fresh in our minds so we can help you, every step of the way.

You will find this forum the best tool to help you through and and be the fittest, healthiest and slimest person you could wish to be .

Good luck Maxie xxxx
Hi Maxie,
My LL group was quite a small one - just 5 of us but we all completed the 100 days Foundation and lost at least 3 stone. 2 went on into maintenance and 3 of us into development.

Good luck !
we started with about 10 and ended with 5, the leavers were as follows.

1. client A messed about from the start and tried to mix atkins and LL, her heart I don't think was ever really in it.

2. client B had some family problems and was finding it hard to cope and decided she couldn't continue at this time.

3. Client c had a relapse of depression and felt she had to deal with that before her food problems.

4. Client d was quite sick in the first week and chose not to carry on.

5. client e was a pain in the ar*e and gave up without even phoning, however her heart wasn't really in it either and she wasn't a supportive member of the group anyway, at times I found her quite nasty so she wasn't missed.

The point of going in to this detail is to show that those who don't last, some of them have genuine reasons but others never trully commited to the programme.

If you really want to (and it sounds like you do) you can commit in the way they didn't and you CAN do this!

Best wishes to you


Thanks all for your help and advice. Went to mtg on Sat - very informative and addressed some of my initial concerns. Was quite surprised that I can join a group as of tomorrow night (had pre-booked doctors appointment). Thought I'd be waiting for a month.

All the better really, as I have an August wedding planned and 5.5 stone to shift before I can even consider a dress.

Thanks again,

That's a quick start, good though. Think I had to wait about 3-4 weeks. Sure that 5 stone will be gone by then. I lost 5 stone by week 18....hope that motivates you, good luck !
Hi Maxie,

I spent about six months thinking about doing LL before I was finally ready to commit. And commit I have, 100%.

LL is an all or nothing type of programme, it's very much black and white. That's what makes it the easiest and most difficult weightloss programme to do. That's why being 100% committed will be crucial to your success.

It's not just the cost, it is the impact it can have on every area of your daily life. It is the impact it can have on the people around you - some will be supportive, some dismissive, some hostile.

You can very easily lose the necessary weight by the time you get married (congratulations, by the way). The counselling will be crucial to enable you tlearn how to KEEP IT OFF LONG TERM. Please don't miss out the Management Programme either.