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Advice Please - Night Out

Hi Everyone I am hoping someone can give me some help !

I have been SSing for 67 days now and planned to do 84 (12 weeks), because I have my holiday in 5 weeks my CDC's plan is after the 84 days to do a week 810 and a week 1000 before I go, I hope after hols I can SS for a lil while and get back into the swing. On holiday I plan to be sensible, fish, chicken etc and have a bar thru the day. Breakfast and dinner and included but I am not going to use this as an excuse to go mad.

Now next Saturday, which will be Day 73, my best friend has asked me to go out. We had planned a night out after 84 days but she has now booked a holiday so that's out of the window.

She has had a really rough time recently, her mum having chemo for breast cancer, work problems etc and although she has said I don't have to come she really wants me too.

I am 42lbs down so far and 12lbs away from goal.

The plan is to go out and have a few drinks (nothing major) and some tapas rather than a full meal (to help me not be overly tempted).

I am a little afraid, I am hoping if I have a few drinks and a few nibbles it won't make me go completely off plan, I have been very strong so far and don't want to undo my good work.

Should I go ? It will be nice to go out 3 stone lighter and I do feel better about myself, but the fear of putting on/eating after all this time is a bit daunting.

I was wondering if anyone else had been through this and how they coped ? Could you get back on plan the next day ?

I could alternate with a drink, then water and chose good tapas options (chicken/prawns etc) - stay away from pastry of any kind.

Or should I say sorry but I am so close to goal I don't want to spoil things ? It has been so hard for her and she really needs to let her hair down, it will be a few pubs, no clubbing and then home, so out from about 7pm to 11pm. I have missed many social occasions so far as I didn't want to be tempted at all, so I haven't been around as much as usual.

I am the lowest weight I have been since I was about 21 years old.

Thanks in advance for your replies.
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I had a Big Event (this one was worky, many senior influential people there etc) very early on. My objectives were: don't miss the event; allow myself to participate to an extent I'm comfy with; make sure I don't draw attention to myself and become THE topic of everyone else's conversation! I couldn't miss it (and wouldn't have wanted to) so in advance I did research on what food would be available, and made my selections (and adjustments to their preparation, by liaising with the venue) beforehand.

You've done very very well with your loss, and should be proud - the willpower is obviously there not to stuff it all up! :)

Your idea re: drinks alternated with water is sensible - although drinkies and ketosis = poorly ickness the next morning if you have too much! I find Diet Tonic a godsend at times like this - people think it's G&T. Avoiding pastry is also sensible - so you're already there to making some 'rules' (for want of a better word) to stick to to help you out here!

I'd say go, and stick to your planned approach without deviation from your planned approach. Enjoy it, and let your friend know what your approach is so she can support you with it.
Hi hon, I have a very active social life and have had quite a few 'nights off' since starting. My advice would be go out and have a lovely evening. If you stick to chicken/fish (basically protein and veg) you will be fine. If you drink as well (as I always do) then try to have gin and slimline tonic or vodka with a diet mixer. If you step on the scales the next day expect to see a gain (sometimes a few lbs) BUT if you get straight back on SS the next day that will go. I usually am back to me pre-eat/drink weight following 2 day back on SS so it will probably put you back a couple of days but that's about it!

Have a lovely time with your friend you have done so well and are nearly at goal now :D x
Thanks So Much !
I would drink water but I hate it at the best of times ! I am going to take my powder in my bag to add to some water, I am going to be sensible (if I go), I will have 4 days before weigh in to perhaps lessen the damage....oh I dunno..........I am so indecisive !!!!!!!
I just feel if I don't do the 84 days I will have failed !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont feel like that

I went on holiday 9/10 weeks into SS+ and came off it for 2 whole weeks...then straight back on SS+ on week 12... im 100% back on track..and just looked at it like a little break..more than anything else.

I feel SOOOOO good because i know im in control NOW of food and its not controlling me..i.e..i was able to get straight back on the CD bangwagon.

Enjoy ya self...and then draw a line under it...youve done SO well so far you deserve it
Hi Charley

I agree with Lexy. I have had a few days off and had food and drink since starting. In fact as long as you go back on plan it wont effect you. I lost weight when I came off plan for a night out a few times.

I am going out in September and I will come off plan for a night to enjoy it.

Wear something nice and enjoy your weight loss. Have fun and don't worry. Make healthy choices.
LOVE the dress and the shoes, might have to go and get one myself!!!!

BTW When SS'ing I have still lost 2-4lbs in a week with 1 night off eating/drinking but making sensible choices and not eating too much (in terms of volume)! :D x


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You have to go as that dress is gorgeous!

I attended a wedding 6 weeks in to the diet and the best advice I could give is treat the day like a normal SS day, have all your shakes, even before you go out to fill you up and add some protein from the tapas to join in the meal. If you do want to add a drink with your meal then ensure you alternate with water. I remember discussing with my CDC and she said just see this as an inclusion into the plan, don't even consider that you are coming back off the plan and think ooh well I might as well just add breakfast and lunch. I got straight back on track the next morning and I think that was because it didn't even enter my mind that I would continue eating.

If you think it is going to turn into a boozy night then you really need to have got yourself out of ketosis beforehand - although this isn't the same for everyone this is what is recommended.

You have done so well so far on this diet and are so close to goal I am sure you will have no trouble staying on track - and of course you will look fab in that dress. You will have to post pictures!!!

The dress is lovely!! I've had quite a few meals off plan but they were always planned ahead and that makes all the difference. I've always just had my shakes as normal and then just come off plan for the meal and it has been fine. If you are going to drink, I'd follow the 810 plan the day before so you have some food in your body and stick to a couple of white wine spritzers or a G&T or similar. A good tip is to buy an extra bottle of tonic water and top your drink up as you drink it. It will make your drink last a lot longer without taking too much alcohol in. I know tonic water has citric acid in it, but it won't take you long to get back into ketosis if it does affect you.

It sounds like your friend could really do with a girly night out and it won't do you any harm as long as you plan to get straight back on track afterwards.
Thanks so much, I think my main issue is guilt !
I set my BMI as I put so much into BMI, when really I know it doesn't take into consideration things like bone density, when I tell people my weight they say I look much less and of course I am now a 14, as opposed to a pushing 18.

I would like to go out, of course I will only have a couple of drinks as I would probably get VERY drunk VERY quickly !

The food I am not so much bothered about, but as I am moving up plans in a few weeks and my weight loss is about 3lbs a week (but slowing - perhaps a 1/2 this week) I know it will be becoming less anyways.

I do love that dress, it looks awfully short on the model but I am hoping it on't so when on me as I probably haven't got legs as long as the mannequin !
Yep sts i was self catering aswell i had magums everyday two days i had two white choc! lol

I had light foods for brekkie and noodles and water at lunch at the pool and ate out at different resturants every evening.!

But what i did was with all dishes i made sure i left lots of food on my plate the days of eating everyyyyy thing on my plate has gone.

Friends were saying your wasting food but really i was full and refused to stuff myself silly.!!

I went to hot marmais lovely place, I did make sure i had 2.5 litres of water every day.!

You can do it charley u stay in control, dont let food control YOU!!xx

Your friend needs you.... That's more important than anything else... when the weight is all gone she will still be there.

Go out, have slimline tonic or diet coke or whatever... if you must have a drink then stick with the clear spirits;)

Choose wisely from the tapas menu.... when you're sharing, it's easy to eat less of it than your 'partner'!

Most of all ENJOY yourself.. this diet is NOT a prison and a night out with a little bit of what you fancy will do you good.... After all once you're at target, you will be exposed to this a lot more often. Exercise a little control, but don't make yourself miserable!

P.S. The dress and shoes are DEVINE!!!!


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Go and enjoy yourself, hun, Ali's right- your friend needs you. Enjoy your food. I have to say, having had the opportunity to drink on my holiday, I ordered a glass of wine and couldn't drink it because I didn't enjoy the taste of the alcohol- which is strange, because I love it! Anyway, I had a lovely time sticking to soft drinks and I did take my water flavouring too- a nice treat in some sparkling water :D . We spent everyday going to a pub for drinks/meal and I stuck to soft drinks the whole time, largely because I simply didn't fancy the alcohol- you may feel the same when you go. However if do want one- stick to something clear and mix it well so it last long x

OMG totally forgot, love the dress and shoes...:jelous:x

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