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advice please people


is slowly shrinking
advice please.
well here goes,
i have done so well as u all know, even tho its been a struggle, but i must admit i am finding it easier and not hungry or cravings.
tomorrow i have to meet some1 about a new job, sort of an informal lunch with other prospectors. I don;t want to take a bar or shake nor not eat anything. although i don;t think i am not ready to add a meal because i don;t want to start binging again, do u think it will harm to have a salad tomorrow, or something vegetably, u know what i mean.
i know it will be a point to the blue team, but i feel like a little spoil.
any1 else had 1 meal and been ok, with loss still?
oh an i am having my hair done for the occasion, wish me luck.x
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Shirley, a salad would be fine and I am sure we can waiver the 1 point for the Pink Ladies, this is a very important day to you and you have to make an impression, on the other hand letting them know how dedicated you are by take a bar or shake might impress them as well, I will be honest with you, If i were conducting an interview over lunch and someone like you came in with a shake or bar I would be highly impressed, it shows commitment and dedication, but then some people just get the wrong impression.

Follow the add-a-meal principles in your book and stick to plain chicken/fish/tofu and green salad or green veg, have sensible portions and you will be perfectly OK.

At some point you are going to have to re-evaluate your relationshp with food and learn to use it as fuel instead of an emotional crutch, and you are going to have to make sure that you can control it rather than it controlling you.

This will be a a good starting point for that!

Good luck with the interview. x


Are We There Yet?
Good luck! You will do great whatever you choose :)
Good luck Calligas. It's good to know that people have stayed on the plan and on target even with having a small amount of protein and salad.

And in response to what Mark said - although it wasn't an interview for me, I was told after I lost a lot of weight on LL that 'anyone who can lose that amount of weight must certainly be dedicated and determined'. I see it as a positive.


reaching my goal
your choice shirley , just remember that it could also make you want to eat again but if you choose to eat make sure its a high protein meal. Good luck for tomoz i know you have been waiting a long time for this xxxx


is slowly shrinking
well i had a lovely lunch today, and it was veg kebabs, salad and fruit sald for afters, so was a goo(ish) girl.
the manger gave me an application form and said she was to be on holiday until the 19th, so to fill it in and she will call me when she get back,. she also said she would not seee any1 until she saw me again, and while she was away she would like me to come in and see the co-ordinater. So i think it went well, or do u think i am reading into this too much, my head is spinning, have i got job or not,
oh and i think i converted her to exante as she is on tony fergusons, it was so funny our discussion was ketosis, lol
No you are not reading to much into that. I think though that you can only get really excited when she come back from holidays and contacts you. But it does sound good.


is slowly shrinking
i know i have to pinch myself, as i wanted a community job, but ther is a job freeze at the moment and had my hopes dashed this week when the boss said there was no jobs, i never considered a private nursing home, which is what it is, so i will still get my clinical skills and they pay more than the nhs.
i will prob keep going on about it, sorry just a tad excited.

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