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Advice please!! soup related

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Yep black pepper is fine Ally, at least thats what the pharmacist told me and I know everyone here who likes the soup (yuk) uses it too.


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i wouldnt have been able to even eat it without salt and pepper liberally sprinkled over the top..it never made any difference to ketosis :)

h x
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i ad chilli powder cayan pepper paprika pepper and chrush dry chillies and ive still lost weight XXX


Says it as it is!!!
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Chillis are fab for aiding weight loss xx


weighs a lot less
are you all mad soup is only good as a drain cleaner lol pepper is fine garrys the expert though xx
Soup, perfect with:-
cheyenne pepper
white pepper
black pepper
hot chilli powder
hot paprika
smoked paprika
masala powder(from morrisons in the foreign food section not the spice shelf. I will get you the make when I get home)
DO NOT put salt in it. I have had 2 soups a day for the past nearly 4 months and I aint done bad. And I still like the bloody stuff lol xx
I put tabasco sauce in mine - makes your nose run if you put too much in - lol

fattothin - I thought we could only heat up 1 of the packets per day - if thats wrong then thats brilliant cos I have some extra chicken to use up!!

I'm gonna disagree with everyone here. According to Lipotrim, nothing should be added to the soup, simply because it can make you feel hungry and, in the case of salt, it can affect ketosis. I know we've all put pepper etc in the soup but the official line is, no additives. Saying that, when I first started this diet, I used to put pepper in the soup but now I take it neat!

The main problem I have with the soup is that it makes my lips chapped. How weird is that?
I have just had my first my weigh in and i have chicken soup every night!! i dont add anything to it and have been told not to!! am now temptedthough!! Hope i can stick this out like many of you seem to have. Have joined this forum to try and stay on task!!
Appreciate what your saying about adding things to the soup, but my results show its fine to add what I have, I agree you must becareful with some spices as I found out after reading the ingredients a lot contain citrus thingymibobs!
As for the Garam Masala I add its made by East End and its lovely but quite srtong so I only add a 1/4 tsp..... I add this but its upto you if you do?;)
Kelly Belly
I was told that if you heat it up - at the time people were making the chicken soup up and heating it on the hob - then it reduces the amount of vitamins/calories that you get from it..... so you are only allowed to do it once PER DAY

Could be a load of old twaddle, but thats what I was told - Actually I hope it was twaddle cos some days would be more than happy to have two hot meals.

A big slab of bread thats also nice with soup, but we cant have it..................Bugger!:( x

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