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Advice please what do you think?

Sorry this is long but I'd really appreciate your advice/opinions. I haven't posted for ages so I am sorry to "butt" in to your community and I really hope you don't mind.

I did CD 2 years ago and lost 4 stone for my wedding, I was the slimmest I can remember being. (I have now put that back on and more). I have tried other diets but I now have about 10 stone to lose :eek:.

Now I'm getting to the point honest. I have recently experienced a crippling bout of depression which my friend thinks could be due to being on CD and losing the well being feeling I had when I stopped.

I'm not sure I could go through the depression again and I'm not sure they are related anyway. Its very complicated and I don't think there is a link, but know I'm scared to start just in case.

Does anyone have any advice?
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WTF? Your friends advice is with all due respect - shyte. Why should it be due to CD? It's probably due to a whole myriad of things among which your weight gain! Ignore her - do CD - get back on top of things - and feel good again. Sounds to me like your friend is a closet saboteur who doesn't want the competition of a slim gorgeous pal! Stuff that - do this for you, Mrs Loreal! (You're worth it!)
Thank you for your reply, I think you are right I don't believe it was due to CD really. I think it was a co-incidence and would have happened any way. I am loads better now and back at work and raring to go. I think I have made my decision.

For me, CD wasn't the cause of my depression - it was the start of my happiness. Yes, I have felt awful when I've put weight back on, but I'm safe in the knowledge that now (after trying everything under the sun to lose weight) that I have the tools to lose any excess weight again.

People put on weight for lots of reasons. For me, being overweight was just one reason.

Please don't ever think you're butting in - everyone is more than welcome - I couldn't have survived my weightloss journey without the support on here!!

Good luck with whatever you decide, hun.



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Glad you have butted in!! We need more people to join in and ask questions - because someone else out there probably has the same concerns as you.

I don't believe for one second CD causes depression - and infact in my own case, as with Isobel, it helped relieve it. Having said that CDC's can't let anyone who has severe depression use CD ... but we are talking very serious here.

If you feel like doing CD and want to for yourself ... get yourself talking to a CDC and see how you feel. If you have a good rapport with him/her then any problems with your depression would come up in your weekly chats. Good luck and keep "butting in"!!!!


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You know that this diet works for you bigpants as you have lost 4st before. I suspect you didnt follow the maintenance steps after losing the weight and here you are now, like many others trying to lose weight for the second time.

Dont beat yourself up about it. You can only do your best. Set yourself small targets because 10 stone is quite daunting.

I have 8 stone to lose, but Im taking it a stone at a time because I feel Im not setting myself up for a fall that way.

I personally love the CD and the quick weightloss spurs you into wanting to keep going.

Good Luck.


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Hi Bigpants
Depression, theres lots of people with Depression and its finding the under line problems , so why not give the shakes a go and see how you feel after you've done at least a week on them thats the only way you are going to tell , but hey lots of people feel Depressed , i think more so as you become older too , just don't get old :)


hi there
gaining weight after working hard to lose it is depressing in itself!
I gained just short of a stone recently - and TBH felt so bad about it I used food to make myself feel better!
Luckily for me - I woke up before it was more weight gain, had a week of SS and then a week of packs and one meal per day and I am back to where I was!
The secret is to recognise the gaining weight - identify the trigger foods and cut them out or give yourself a buffer zone and when you get above that weight - go back to packs!
All of us on here gain weight very easily - we all love food and soon become addicted!
You are very very welcome here - its a lovely forum and there is no shame with regaining weight!
Keep posting and let us know your progress!
Take care


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hi big pants
i to had 10 stones to lose
i am now 36lbs down so a long way still for me
i think you should go and do the cd
i for me it was ther boost i needed
i was deeply depressed due to bereavemnets and family strife
my most lowest point was when i took a pic of myself and realised i couldn`t carry on as i was my weight was my main problem and it was that that didn`t allow me to pick myself up out of depression
the 1st few weeks will be tough, i still have days where i could cry, but you will succeed and once you start getting slimmer and the compliments roll in that depression will not stand a chance
you will feel on top of the world
go for it
kaz xxx

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