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Hi I am new to this website. I have been doing slimming world for 4 weeks now and i love it. BUT although i have had a great weight loss so far my last weigh in I only lost 0.5 pound and I was gutted. As every week i had stuck to the Diet to the letter the only difference was I started the extra easy diet instead of doing green days. I love the diet but I am concerned I am only going to loose 0.5 pound a week when in an ideal world i would like to loose 2lb a week. Can anyone advice please cause i dont know what to do? :sigh:
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i live off extra easy and i lost 5lb last week ok it was my first week but still good. maybe your body is just getting used to a different way like it did with red and green days dont get yaself down on one weigh in you still lost ok not as much as you wanted but still something if you lose 1/2 a lb again talk to ya consultant or get someone to look at your food diary. i am sorry i am not much help but new to it too. xxx


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Ok thanks. Well done on your weight by the way.

Well done with your loss to date ! firstly I would say that 1/2 lb is still a loss, and those little 1/2lb mount up. Your body will need to take time to adjust to the plan. You must also consider if you incorporate any type of workout.. ie walking, cycling, gym etc, Any type will increase your met rate and will assist with lose. You need to also consider if the plan your currently doing suites you. personally I prefer red only and the very occassional green, this gives me a feel the best loss and gives me enough energy through the day to workout etc.

Phil x


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i gained a pound in about my 4th week for no reason at all! I had really stuck to plan, the weight came off again the next week plus more. keep with it:)


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Thanks think I was just gutted cause I wanted to loose 2lb to have lost a stone. I will do extra easy this week if still the same I will go back to green. Thanks everyone x
As you get closer to your ideal weight one lb of weight becomes a bigger loss percetage wise as it would if you was 2 stone heavier.

Its like having a hair cut, if you have your head shaved 1mm will show sooner than it will if you dreadlocks.

If your sticking with the plan and staying after being weighed as lots do not (you need this as its image therapy) then the weight will come off but will tend to do so slower as time passes.

They say the slower the loss the better ... up to a point! SW is IMHO the better of the clubs as its more about healthier eating as to weighing and calorie counting. Just my two pence lol.
Good point there Bax , I would agree that the slow lose is better for you and is better to maintain at target. They say that SW is geared for 1 to 2 lb per week loss anyway.

Phil x


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Our consultant told us the national average for SW is a loss of just over 0.5lb per week (obviously that takes in to account the gains and STS) so you're doing fine. As the others say usually if you have a small loss one week the next you'll catch up abd a bit more besides. I started Extra Easy last week and lost 2lb, but i think this week might just be 0.5 or 1lb, so i might red/green for a couple of weeks. You just have to find what's best for you, and sometimes that means trying stuff out.


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As you can see by my signature I have good losses on EE (except when I cheat) BUT I started off on it and your body may take time to adjust. Actually if you look I lost half a pound in my 5th week, spooky! Is it your star week? Your plan to do another week is sensible. All sorts of factors make you slow down, as Phil says doing lots of exercise boosts your metabolism but initially you retain water in your muscles. It will all even itself out Hun, and half a pound is half a pound. May seem small but every week it's 2 stone a year!That stone barrier will come and go, the trouble is our bodies aren't machines,but I bet you have a thumping great loss next week!


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Firstly congrats on your wonderful loss so far!

To follow up on Bax's point, the more weight you loose the less hard your body has to work. For example, if you used to weigh 15st now weigh 12st that is 3st less of you to carry around all day therefore burning less calories. So if you want to loose weight at the same rate you have to replace that burning with something else, whether it be a 10minute run in the morning, a gym session, or strapping weights to your ankles and wrists doesn't matter as long as it gets the job done!

And with regards to your original question, thing with SW is you have to swap and change and mix to find what suits you best, it's all personal choice and trial and error.


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Every 4 weeks I either sts or have a small gain. I put it down to my hormones. In my green/red book with my weight record in it I highlight all the weeks I had a gain or sts and it worked out at every 4 wks. I told my mum to do the same as she was frustrated that she'd have a good week but sts or even gain and she also found out it was every 4 wks, even though she no longer has star wks anymore her body and hormones still react as though she does. There are others in my group who do the same and highlight their 4th weeks so that they know to expect a sts or gain....it helps because although you still feel a little frustrated, at the same time you know it's not something that you actually have any control over and therefore isn't your fault...unless you ate naughty things of course.

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