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Advice please.....


has started again!!
Well, have been around for ages, done most diets in one form or another!!!Did LL and lost shed loads but then regained and plus..... :cry:

I dont think WW and SW are my thing anymore as my portion sizes are so out of control. I am seriuosly wondering of RC is the way to go, but I am over 20stone (not sure how much exactly.....too scared)

What type of diet is this one? Calorie counting I guess? I have been on the website but it doesnt seem to say exactly what the plan is, or maybe I am being thick??

Loads of info please and opinions greatly valued before I make yet another expensive mistake!!!

I should add my incentive is not only health, but a BIG special holiday already booked for August 2011!!!

Thanks in advance, I know the Minis always come through!!

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The RC plan is calorie counting but you also need to be aware of the fat contents as well. I want to lose 5-6 stone and have also tried both SW and WW. SW i wouldn't go back too as whilst I could follow the programme I also had problems with my portion sizes. WW was good as I had more control over what I ate but unless I had my books with me or a calculator I rarely knew how many points where in the food I was eating.

With RC I haven't had any problems as nearly all food has the calorie content on and have nutritional information per 100g so keeping track of what I am eating has never been so easy. I'm current on week 4 of the plan and eating 1400 calories a day. I had 1200 for the first 2 weeks with weeks 3 and 4 on 1400. I lost 12lbs in the first 2 weeks of doing the plan. Unfortunatley there was no class on Monday due to bank holiday so need to wait a few more days before I weigh in again but I am starting to notice the difference in my clothes so that is always a good sign.

Hope this helps.
I have only just started R.C but my aunty was very successful at losing, and keeping off weight on this diet. To be honest she doesn't think of it as a diet more as a lifestyle.

So far I am finding it easier to follow than the other diets. It is stricter but that is helping me as I have no control once I start with the biscuit tin .

Whatever you choose I wish you all the best x


has started again!!
Just want to reiterate my thanks for the advice. I seriuosly think I need the rigidity of portion control and calorie awareness, as I am convinced (altho they say not!!) that I overate on SW (HUGE plates of pasta eg), and I just didnt get on with WW.

I know I can do strict as I did LL for 10 months or so, to the letter, I lost 8 stone, but my eating was so outof control I just couldnt "do" real food.

The other advantage is the exercise, which I also desparately need. I am 90% there to making my choice, but now my fear is being the fattest there.....


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ok i have lost 7.5st on rc. I have kept my weight off for nearly 2 years.

If you can, go to a class. In your diet pack you will get a set of portion pots. USE THEM. They are great to control your portion sizes and its a big shock to see what our portion sizes should be. You also get your magic measure and a motivational cd.

Also in class you get the support of the instructor and other members, plus you get the exercise, and I know how frightening it is to think of doing it, but its not like being in the gym and you work at your own level, whatever that is.

Good luck


has started again!!
Thanks so much! I have emailed the local lady and will try to pluck up courage for next Thurs, which is the class I think will be better for me. I have even checked out the salacise DVD on amazon!!!

Wish me luck!
The Real Women Real Results DVD is good, I do it every day ATM and am not bored of it!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Sez

I am the same as you it seems.......lost 4 stone on Lipotrim, have tried WW (I think 3 times and every time I put on), Slimming World I liked, but I think I too have problems now with portion control.

I did RC years ago and I loved it! I cant get to a class so I am going it alone. I have just bought the Ultimate Inch Loss Plan and start tomorrow.

Wishing you lots of luck (not that you need that, just determination to do it).

The trials are all very positive and from what I understand and the others have said the diet is Day 1-14 you are allowed 1200 cals, but have to ensure you dont go over he 5% fat rule, but the diet book has all my meals anyway! Day 15-28, 1400 cals...

Hope you do well and learn to appreciate food, etc....which is a hard concept after a meal replacement diet, which I know you will understand.

Take care

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