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Extra Easy Advice Please


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Have decided to give EE another go, it seems that you can eat a more balanced meal i.e. carbs, protein etc. although I love the red/green days too. My problem is that I'm a grazer. I don't want to eat loads of fruit as I've heard it can slow down your loss (and I don't need any help there thank you very much :rolleyes:). So my question is this: what does everyone else snack on during EE days?
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I am also a grazer! Not so much when I'm at work, but when I'm at home I constantly go looking for food.

I actually eat quite a bit of fruit, mainly pineapple, melon, strawberries and grapes. Whilst bloating me out at first, they've not had a detrimental effect on me so far.

I also make sure I have things like carrot sticks, celery and cucumber cut up in the fridge and cherry tomatoes, and make a dip out of fat free natural yogurt or fat free natural fromage frais (maybe with spring onion or garlic). Also, I now keep boiled eggs in the fridge if I fancy a quick snack.

Also fat free yogurts (muller lights, WW or activias) but I have 2 a day at the most.

Hope that helps a bit :) x
I try to eat fruit, but as GeordieGirl said, fat free yoghurts such as Mullerlights and Activia fat free are also great. I also snack on cooked chicken and ham (I love the ready to eat chicken at Tesco, usually syn-free or 1/2 syn per 100g)

Also, just noticed that our stats are quite similar! How long have you been SW-ing? My losses are quite slow too!


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I started too many weeks ago to admit too (about 12), lost 7.5lb but then foolishly put 4.5 back on during a 2 week holiday :cry:, this week have lost 1/2lb and so the long slog begins again :sigh:. sorry slog sounds really negative, don't mean to be, I tend to do abit of a circuit, lose 1/2, STS, lose 1, put 1/2 on, STS and so on. Last time I tried EE I put on, I don't think i fully do the 1/3rd superfree if I'm honest, so am deffo gonna give it a go over the weekend and then back to red/green in the week, see how that works out :D
Ahhh, I see. I'm going to try the 1/3 superfree to the best of my ability this week. If my loss is still low, then I might switch to red and green days.

That said, the weeks where I put on weight was when I wasn't 100%, so I'm hoping my losses are better this week :)

Good luck with it!

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