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Advice please?


Trying to lose weight
I'm in my second week of CD and every drink that I seem to have tastes funny, has anyone else experienced this?

I'm having a banana shake this morning and it tastes really different (like washing up liquid or something). It was the same yesterday when I had the spicy tomato soup.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks x
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ive not experienced anything like that, but i am only just starting my secnd week..

so im sure someone who will be more experienced will come along soon....

could it be something to do with the ketosis.... fury tounge or something.....


Now Maintaining :)
The chocolate shake tasted a little 'fishy' in the second week. So much so that I hated it! It tastes fine now and I really like it.


please try again
erm only time i had this is when i added a freshner to the dishwasher and didnt realise the lemon scent one was tainting all the dishes, lol

i drank emony washing up liquid flavored water and shakes for a week till i realised


Trying to lose weight
Thanks everyone for the advice.

Megan - it is a bit like chemical tasting of some sort.

I have now been using a blender and it doesn't taste so bad (so I am now wondering, have I been mixing it properly). Hopefully it is just because I've got a cold coming on and it won't be like that as I have been so tempted to just grab something and eat it, lol.

Thanks again everyone for the advice and different things that it actually could be xx
yeah i had this about my 3rd week... products i loved before just tasted odd, even water didnt taste good but am sure is just ketosis and your taste buds acting up as they havent had the usual variety of flavours!! i just ignored it and forced the products down anyway and it got better soon X

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