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Advice please



Never Ever Give Up!
I would strongly recommend against eating salad Maria, if you do need to eat something better just have a plain chicken fillet and nothing else. The chicken fillet will not interfere with ketosis but salad will.


2 Years Maintaining :)
If your only on the diet a week and your already trying to figure out what to get away with maybe your not in the right mind frame to do TFR? It is a really hard diet but the results are worth it but you really need to be 100% if I was you I'd be f'd off at my OH trying to sabotage my efforts!!
Hi Maria, Could he maybe take you to the cinema or buy you a non food treat? Its so not worth it huni you have done so well. xx
ye think were gonna do something else was just wondering if theres food that would bugger keytosis x the girl above said about chicken fillet


Never Ever Give Up!
chicken fillet is high protein so that wouldn't screw up your ketosis but don't eat if you don't have to! It's much better to stay 100% TFR
It doesn't work that way Maria you can't just hop on and off LT when you feel like it! If you're already thinking about giving up then I don't think that you're taking this seriously......it works but you have to be committed....


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I dont think i can stress enough how great the responses here are.
But first thing i'd do - clout your bf around the head for even suggesting it!!!!!!!! Tell him to start being supportive & not suggest anything food related for a while untill you are ready and happy.
Hi Marie,
Good for you, do something else, if you're anything like me, you wouldn't be able to sit in a restaurant full of delicious smells and eat a dry boring chicken breast, of course i would want a proper meal with wine etc etc.... men can be insensitive we all know that, (they think with their little head) yes the one down there,
when i first started LT, i dicked about, being good for a few days then something would come up, a party or girls night out, so off i would go, have a great time then get back on the diet, i achieved a big fat zero... just put a wacking big hole in my bank account, and was still as fat 2 months later... so the only thing to do is, put your social life on hold, cos it will all be there for you when you get to the finish line.;)
Just wanted to add Marie when I first started LT last year I didnt go out socially until I was in the swing of the diet. Then I decided I wanted to join in.......... so I cant tell you how many do's and parties I went to and stayed 100% and had an amazing time and got the photos to prove it (on my profile) so it will get easier I promise xx

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