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Advice please.

I've been doing TS for the last 2 weeks an have lost 1stone. I have another 3 stone to go, but am thinking of swapping over to WS. One of the reasons is I am really struggling to eat all the packs, today I've only managed half the soup and this isn't healthy. I just wanted to know from people who have done TS and then switched to WS if ur still having good weight losses.
Do u stick with low carb, or just to the recommend 600 cal meal, but add in carbs? Just wanted some advice really.
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I do a mix of TS and WS, I don't do any carbs my meals are omelette, chicken, steak, bacon etc
Crims said:
I do a mix of TS and WS, I don't do any carbs my meals are omelette, chicken, steak, bacon etc
Yea i think I will stick to low carb, but may introduce the odd jacket just to see if that makes a difference. Definately gonna stick to healthy food though. How are u finding ur weight losses mixing the 2?
You'll still get very good losses with a mix of TS/WS shellie as the guidance says you'll lose 10lbs a month on WS 7 days per week. I would think you'd need to stick to low card though if you want to remain in ketosis. A baked potato (although a healthy choice on other plans) would knock you out of K and your appetite would likely return with avengance. I did two days WS in my first week and my intial weight loss was comparable to others so I'd say that as long as you low carb/low fat your meal you should still lose quite speedily and retain the benefits with K. Good luck whatever you decide and keep us posted :)
Starlight said:
If the packs are the problem then WS isn't the answer. On WS you have to have all 3 packs PLUS a meal.

Why are you struggling with them so much? Is it the taste you don't like?
Not sure why I'm struggling to be honest, it's only the tomato one I don't like. Did WS yesterday and managed all three packs in the end as well. I've also managed 2 packs so far today. Maybe it was the mood I was in, or maybe my body just needed that little extra yesterday. Decided I'm gonna do a couple of WS each week to add variety and see how it goes. I feel much better today after eating yesterday, and feel I am able to carry on with TS today


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When i was CD previously, i like you struggled with having the 3 a day, not that i didnt like them i loved the tetras, i just really wasnt hungry and had to force them down, like eating for the sake of it! You really do need all 3 as you acknowledge for the mineral & vitamins. Good luck and i am sure you'll find what works for you x

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