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Advice please

The last 2 days have being strange for me as I am doing everything the same , the last 2 night I think my stomach is going to fall out, between gurgling and snarling I think there is something in there , I'm drinking 3 1/2 litres of water aday plus 3 mugs of coffee and my 3 shakes , it's very loud and embarrassing , and my sleep pattern has totally changed ,not going to sleep until 3 am , all advice appreciated
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That happened to me in the first week, but it did settle down. Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight xx


No longer "Overweight" !
Sorry to hear about it, Tigger,

Maybe you could try de-caff coffee (if you're not already), to see if that helps with the sleep (or at least only have caffeinated first thing...). Perhaps a hot bath before bedtime?

I suspect the cold weather has contributed to my recently feeling a bit off colour, but my life is so random at the mo that it could be all sorts! Hope you settle down soon,
Marianne x
Hi Tigger

What day are you on again? I no my stomach still makes crazy noises last night my OH said what the hell was that !! Im on day 15 ! As I write this my stomach is going crazy !! The last time I did LT my stomach didnt make any noises so dont no what is going on just react differently. I too am not sleeping that well at night takes me ages to go asleep then wake up tired but I'm getting through the day ok then some nights I am really really tired !! Small price to pay for big loss me thinks !! Hope you all calms down for you soon x
Thanks everyone for replying , still the same today, might try decaf coffee tonight , and the warm bath . I'm on day 19 today , have to say I've had better days... I was hoping to stay on this for another 3 weeks including refeed , take a break over Xmas and go back in jan for the long haul haha xxtigger


No longer "Overweight" !
Best of luck with it,

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