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Advice Please


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S: 24st7lb C: 19st4lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 37.7 Loss: 5st3lb(21.28%)
I am doing Lighter life and I am doing well so far. I have lost 17 lbs in 2 weeks.

BUT I have a question to ask. Now I know you cant eat anything on it but hypothetically....................

IF you are going to cheat, is it best to have just protein stuff like bacon and eggs and meat?

The reason I ask is because I will lapse on christmas day. I am just not strong enough. So if I were to have just protein stuff will it kill me?

Surely thats what Atkins is anyway and both LL and Atkins are about Ketosis??
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I am not 100% sure but other mins will let me know but it's simple your body is in ketosis as soon as you eat anything...even a lettuce leaf your body will come of ketosis and take what you have eaten and try and use it for energy and store it as your glycogen stores. Having a healthy option like protein is better than going for an unhealthy option but the bottom line is that you will go off ketosis and physical hunger will return, you may gain weight and you will just have to go back to the way you were when you first started the programme with all the withdrawls etc but you will lose your glycogen that you picked up and be back on the programme i guess. As long as your strong enough to deal with all that up to you.

Hope it helps...



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S: 24st7lb C: 19st4lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 37.7 Loss: 5st3lb(21.28%)
Unfortunately Mad I think you've been LL brain washed :):)

Ketosis happens when you have no glycogen stores or carbs in your diet. MEat contains neither glycogen or carbs and therefore will not bring you out of Ketosis.

This is why iw as asking if having one will affect you severly.
Dave is right about the meat not bringing you out of ketosis as the CD 790 plan where you eat a certain amount of meat keeps you in ketosis. I am not sure about things like eggs though. It'll still be quite hard to stick to eating only protein over Xmas - I have already made the decision that I probably will not be on CD for at least 2 days over the holiday period - I think I will find this easier to control than mving up to a higher CD plan instead.

Each to their own tho.


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S: 24st7lb C: 19st4lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 37.7 Loss: 5st3lb(21.28%)
Kerrie thanks for the info. Dancing, are you a counsellor?

Losing weight means alot to me but also I am realistic. I have managed to abstein thus far and though I will abstein christmas, I really want a christmas dinner. The middle ground for me is to eat meat only. That way the family doesnt feel awkward around me and I also get some food inside me and dont spend the whole day thinking about it.

The simple fact is I tell myself everything Danger said, I wanted to know the actualy science of meat v ketosis. Which kerrie answered.
By the time Christmas day is here - I will have been abstinent for 155 days and plan to continue well into the new year. However I always said from the very start that I would be eating Christmas dinner - I will eat Christmas dinner with the rest of my family and then just have either 2 or 3 packs during the rest of the day. I don't class this as cheating. Its an adult decision and I know I am more than capable of continuing with the abstinance afterwards. In my eyes Christmas dinner is a special occasion and I will not sit there with a bowl of soup - it just wouldn't be Christmas. It does have to be said however that I don't have any food 'issues' (just getting off my arse and exercising issues!) and can safely say I've never binge eaten in my life - most food I can take or leave so maybe this is why I find abstinence fairly easy and know I will able to have a meal and then go back to it
Maybe you need to make a similar kind of 'agreement' with yourself?

Just a thought!

MM x
Hey Missy - that makes a lot of sense to me - its essentially what I have decided too. I managed to stay abstinent for a family holiday and by Christmas will have been abstinent for 7 months. I will be almost at goal but I have made an adult decision to have some food. It's not something I am hiding from anyone and I will be back on either abstinence or the higher CD plans depending on where I am in relation to my goal then. I know I am more than capable of continuing the diet even with a brief relaxed period. It's quite a sensible philosophy but you are also right that you need to be sure it won't make it super hard to get back on track.


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S: 24st7lb C: 19st4lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 37.7 Loss: 5st3lb(21.28%)
Yes that is basically what I am getting at. I have been abstinant and plan to until christmas but I dont wanna kick the arse out of it. So I was only asking if eating meat at christmas dinner instead of a grainy soup will mess up the ketosis. If anyhting I should still lose weight because I am in ketosis. Right?
Yes if you stay in ketosis you should (as long as we aren't talking huge slabs of meat!) but remember there are a few tricky things that could knock you out of keto, make you hungry and make it really hard. Like citric acid if you had ketchup or something - just be aware!


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S: 24st7lb C: 19st4lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 37.7 Loss: 5st3lb(21.28%)
Thanks Kerrie you are an absolute star. At least now the family wont feel awkward and I wont be ain a mard. I havent had one of my mums christmas dinners since I was a teen (now early 20s) and I look forward to them every year. At least now i can have some of it.

I think 17 lbs in 2 weeks shows that I'm not messing around on LL. And despite this thread I am commited.
Dunno if it helps but on our CD790 plan we are allowed 175g of white meat (chicken or turkey) with no skin - just as a guide for you? With that we have 3 tbsp of green veg and also fat free dressing/balsamic vinegar if wanted. I know what you mean about Xmas, I am quite looking forward to it tho I'll likely be on 790 anyway so can have dinner just no taters :-(


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Hi Guys,

I'm on Lipotrim which also works through Ketosis. I've done Atkins in the past and that works through Ketosis and is only food based not shakes. Basically you can eat the following and stay in Ketosis......(not huge amounts guys, just be sensible)

All Meat/Fish/Poultry/Eggs (be careful of processed meats as this may have added sugar...i.e. honey roast ham)

3 or 4oz a day of full fat firm soft and semi soft mature cheeses......i.e Cheddar

Salad Vegies... like.. lettuce, mushrooms, cucumber, celery, peppers (8-12oz a day)

Other vegies (5-7oz) per day if salad does not exceed 8oz...measure it uncooked.

asparagus, aubergine, broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, cauli, courgettes, french beens, leeks, mange-tout peas, onion, pumpkin, rubarb, spring onions,spinach, summer squash, tomatoe, turnips.

All spices, herbs and yes believe it or not oils will not knock you out of ketosis.

As you can see it is possible to have a 'roast' and remain in ketosis. I fill my plate with chicken/turkey, sprouts, cabbage, buttered leeks, and roasted turnips. For gravy believe it or not I used the meat juices and didnt add any flour based gravies...just read the packages. The ketostix has always remained pink/purple.

At Xmas just choose wisely and it is very possible to stay in ketosis.......now desserts.......thats different. Apart from Sugar free jelly and a small amount of double cream, I'm afraid everything else will knock you out of ketosis.

Good luck guys.
Like i said i was not sure and i am delighted the other minis have come to the rescue with the correct advice. I guess i may be LL brainwashed (oh dear!!) but it has helped me to think that way as i have not lapsed for over 150 days. Good luck on your journey Dave

Mad x
Thanks so much for starting this thread! I'm going over to New York to spend Thanksgiving with my family and was really worried about eating. I'll be there for one week and don't intend to take any LL food packs with me. I shall enjoy eating out but plan to make sensible choices. I'm fully expecting a weight gain but with careful planning I'm hoping it won't be too devastating!!! I'll continue with the diet when I get back as I actually (almost) enjoy being on it! Not having to worry about what foods I eat has been very freeing. Wish me luck, I think I'll need it!
My Mum ate on our holiday and defied the critics when she came back - back on abstinence and still going strong - it is possible and it's definately personal choice - I think sometimes people are a bit to quick to criticise it as lack of willpower.


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S: 24st7lb C: 19st4lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 37.7 Loss: 5st3lb(21.28%)
Thanks for the massive input guys and by the sounds of it, it is not only me that has been helped.

Mad, the whole abstein or die that LL brainwashes people with works for some but for others the boundry is going to be overstepped. Advice in place like th above is there to help those who over step the boundry once in a while to limit the damage it does.

Does anyone know where I can buy ketostix (piss sticks to males) just to check over christmas that I am still in ketosis?
You can get Ketostix at Boots but be warned as some pharmacists take it upon themselves to make sure VCLD'ers don't buy them so you may be in for a fight!
very low calorie diet was what I meant but I mixed up my letters - it's been a long day! Even tho boots sells aktins products for some reason they don't agree with selling these products to peopl eon diets that induce ketosis. some are no problem whereas some people lie to get them!

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