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I am on lipotrim and want to swop to slim & save but can someone help as I don't understand it. What I want to do from Monday to Friday is have slim & save shake of a morning, soup for lunch, spag Bol for tea and a bar in the evening (4items per day) Saturday and Sunday I want a shake morning, soup lunch, evening I want to eat out and have chicken & salad then a bar for supper. When I am looking to buy items I can only buy 21 for the week.
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To be honest buying it weekly works out dearer, youre better buying in bulk. There are various options for a weeks purchase not just 21. If youre stuck try emailing or using live chat


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I agree that it's easier (and cheaper) to buy a 2 week or month supply. At the end of it you'll just have a few spare packs so order a bit later as you can choose what you want and how many of each anyway.


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The cheapest option is to go for the 28day, 5 a day men's plan... You can save quite a bit...


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I've always ordered the 5 a day monthly pack since reading it as a top tip on here. Then you can get exactly what you want and need to cover your days. I reorder with whatever I'm a bit short on (this months will be mainly shakes and soups as I did more meals on the last one) then you've always got a supply in for as long as you'll be on the plan - so no temptations from running out :)