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advice please!!!

Pink starz

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hey guys,
I on the start of day 5 and i am in ketosis( checked with the sticks) ye haw! But i was talking to a friend who is doing atkins and a few thoughts arised, that you guys will prob know the the answer better than me.

I am missing actually chewing, i know it's only day 5 and some of you have been on here for 12 - 15 weeks, but i was thinking if it gets really bad surely if i eat an atkins meal like an omelette or a chicken breast, I would still be in ketosis and vlcd as it would replace the cal and nutrients of the shake?

What about doing breakkie shake, lunch shake and atkins dinner, would that really screw things up if i only do it at the weekends ( as i find them quite hard)

Also my friend is on atkins and is using a dilutable juice called mac b in apple flavour, it has no carbs, only 1 cal per 100ml and she is drinking 4-5 litres a day and is still in ketosis.

My problem is not actually being hungry, it is missing the chewing and participation of meals. I was really really tempted to break it last night but i never, i am very proud of myself.

i jumped on the scales for a quick weigh in as i not suppoesed to get done untill thursday and guess what......... I was 12st 1lb that is a 10lb loss since thur so am feeling good but i know most of it is water, i just dont want to screw it up so asking your advice on atkins meals at the weekend..... this is when i most likely to make a boo boo x

sorry for the rant

sammie x
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The flapjacks will help with you missing chewing x


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missing the chewing is quite hard but the point of LT is to break your dependancy of food it helps to change your taste buds food you used to eat wont taste the same its about re-educating the taste buds into eating healthier food ,atkins is a completly different diet to LT and although you proberly wont come out of ketosis it could be the start of an uncontrollable binge and it just isnt worth it.LT is completly balanced and has everything you need in it to keep you going so adding anything to it can slow down the affects and water will actually taste nice soon honestly i used to hate the stuff but 4 litres is no problem now.
well done on not cheating that is your first test and youve passed with flying colours and you have nearly done your first week that is an achievement in itself good luck for your first weigh in xx lillie xx


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You could try mixing LT and Atkins....Shazpaz on this site has done that but you wont loose just as quickly as SSing...up to yourself really and what you can manage. For me.....I really needed to be away from food 100% just to prove I didnt need to be eating the vast quantities I was eating.......and its helped in my maintence even though I am pregnant....I am still wearing my pre-pregnancy size clothes (in maternity ware of course).....

Pink starz

Sexy abs....sooon !
thanks everyone x

I think i will see how long i can go, then if i really struggling go on to atkins for a while.

I normally have the staying power of a fly so i happy that i lastest 5 days so far x
Glad You Asked That Pink Starz, Have Been Off The Diet Due To Flu But Have Been Eating Mainly "atkins" Foods To Keep In Ketosis But Lillie Is Right You Do Tend To Start Eating More And More.

xx Cathy xx

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I've only just registered on this site. Just reading your query Pink Starz but i'm with lillie. Its total food replacement to "kick the addiction to eating food". I'm still only on my first week and i've even been craving a healthy salad rather than junk food! But i've done this diet before and if you stick to it the cravings for chewing will go away, I had the same. I've not tried this yet but someone told me you can make sort of crisps/chips with the chicken soup.... make it into a paste, then spoon small amounts onto a plate and microwave for a couple of mins, turn them over and do the same again. Might help with the chewing. I wouldn't reccomend a flapjack as they taste like cardboard to me and take a pint of water to wash them down! Hope this helps.

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