Advice Please


Hi Everyone

I have my first LL meeting tonight at 6pm, usually we have dinner at home at 7pm, but i will still be in the meeting by then. Should i start on LL when i get home after the meeting or should i start first thing in the morning?

I would rather start sooner rather than later and thought it might be easier to have one tonight instead of dinner just to get into the swing of things.

Anyway, wish me luck and have a good day xx
Thanks, i'm thinking i should just get on with it, went for the introduction meeting last Monday, so had a 'last supper' pretty much every night this week! x
I would have a nice little final treat tonight and then put food to bed for a while as you get slimmer, healthier and ready for a skinnier you.

Good luck!!

Have to say I agree with the others, start the day afresh tomorrow - that way it is easier to keep track of your packs as well lol!
I started at breakfast the next day. I didn't go mad for my last meal but I did mark the occasion. It just felt right that way. But what is more important is doing it the way that feels right for you ! Good luck, the diet works well for me and I hope it does for you too. Melissa
Hi Missy,
If I was you I would really enjoy this evening!! Realax and look forward to your new way of life tomorrow. I know that you are eager to start but another 20 hours waiting is not going to hurt. Keep up the water intake and less carbs and you will be absolutely fine. I know that when you wake up tomorrow you will be so positive!! You have done so well preparing yourself and finding this site will keep you on the straight and narrow.
Lots and lots of slimming luck!!