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Advice please!


Warning-Contains Nuts

I finished CD a few months ago and have been calorie counting since then.
I seem to have reached a plateau at the moment and am having real trouble getting the weight I gained on holiday off again.
I still have 6/7 days worth of CD left in my cupboard, do you think it would be ok to do SS for a week, kind of like a detox, to kick start my weightloss again?
I know my BMI is under 25 but would this matter for 6 days? I still have 1.5 stone to lose to get back to my goal weight....

Any advice appreciated! :)
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Warning-Contains Nuts
...I was hoping a week wouldn't do me too much harm... These Gillian McKeath type detox things are essentially as few cals as CD but without the correct nutrition, so I thought it might be ok.....


not so str8 or narrow!!
didnt want to just lurk and not reply but no idea really about whether its good or not other than i think i probably would do it - my best suggestion would be to ask this question on the maintainers board.
Hi as my BMI is under 25 now I asked my CDC this morning if I'm ok to continue on SS for my last 10lbs and she said YES. So I guess the same principal applies to you. Good Luck.
My BMI is 24 and my CDC has not mentioned to me about moving up the steps, although I have decided to start as of next Monday on SS+. Honestly, I think you would be fine for a week.
You shouldnt be ss under a bmi of 25, on 25 bmi you should be on 810 as a minimum, also you should be having a week of 810 after 12 weeks of ss and if you arent and your cdc is letting you this is a concern as we should be all following the same code of conduct .
The safest way to lose weight is to be on 810 under a bmi of 25 and start to be stepping up the plans to maintainance.

cdc norwich
Yep. You shouldn't be SSing under a bmi25.

Protect your lean mass and you'll burn up more cals. How fab is that :clap:

810 brings great results and would be the perfect solution for you. Quick weightloss and safely with it. Cool eh :)


Warning-Contains Nuts
Thanks for all your replies!
I've decided not to do SS, I'm going to use up my leftover packs by doing a week with packs and milk to make it up to 810, so it's still ok for my recommended BMI.
Then I'm going to go back to calorie counting but keeping it low carb too.

I just need something to get me heading in the right direction and feeling a bit more positive!

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