Advice please.


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Hiya hunny, as long as ya eat in moderation then ya should be fine. To be perfectly honest most of us are taking a few days off from the diet and enjoying xmas and then going back on in the new year. I am sure your parents will not let ya go overboard so just enjoy it and start it for again when ya are ready, all the best


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Hi hun, not really sure what you mean by something bad. The main problem is that if you start eating you could find it very difficult to get back on the plan.

If you do decide to just eat one meal, Xmas dinner then it is really important that you keep the carbs low, meat with a bit of veg no potatoes. If you don't then you will just put on a lot of whatever you have lost by then, altho it will be fluid rather than fat.

I would discuss with your pharmacist and see what they advise. Good luck whatever you decide x


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Hi Nasreen,

Just read your other thread and have realised you are 15. If your family are behind you and supporting you on this then I would suggest your mum goes with you to have a chat to the pharmacist.

The main thing is not to stress too much about whether you have a break at Xmas, just gather the information and then decide. Wish you loads of luck with this plan as although it is really good, it is pretty hardcore. Don't hesitate to post any questions as someone will always be around to help x


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Hey Nasreen,
I shall be eating my Xmas dinner, my Chemist is starting me refeeding on 19th December. I shall also be enjoying my New Years day dinner but will be going back to shakes the day after.


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Hi hun yes just refeed the week before as it helps keep the weight off, don't think there are many off us that wont be having xmas dinner mmmmm can't wait xx


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I'm with you there Dena, I can't wait either.
I start cooking my Turkey at around 12am Xmas morn so it cooks while we are in bed, the whole house is covered with the smell of cooked Turkey when we get up, it gets your taste buds going I tell ya, there is no way I can't have a Xmas dinner :)


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hi nasreen... i have loads of time eaten at dinner parties...but i have eaten sensible n not over fed myself...... i usually stick to protien n veg. and then again i still have water but i must admit i take 5 litres oon thos days and a few days after....but thats me i am sure i lill lapse isnt the end of the world... take it as a break n a well done for loosing all that weight.
that way u wont be looking at it as if u'll be on the diet for ever to be honest in 3 weeks u will notice the biggest difference.... that it ont make a diff... and after christmas an a few days later... restart but dont leave it long. just be sensible
its all about water