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Gone fishing
Im going out for my friends birthday tonight, no meal, just drinks! Any ideas of what is best to drink while on CD? I know many will think not to drink but I do want a couple.
Just a couple? 2 glasses of water will be good. If you want more that 2, 3 glasses will be okay ;)
I mean 2 glasses of alcohol really, like what is the best thing to drink? And then the rest I will drink water

Sarah x


Strong women stay slim
disorientated and might lose consciousness, not just from the alcohol, but from low blood sugar. Needless to say, this could be very dangerous, and even fatal. I guess you've made your mind up after reading that ??

Wow didnt realise it was that serious.... ~Think i'll be on the water all night long!! Thanks for your help x


Strong women stay slim
how about two coke zeros ? as a one off ?


Strong women stay slim
hope you enjoy your night , watch out your friends might us , come on only one , hehe just stick to whats in your head
Hi! I have been out and had only water, once was when my children and partners were home for Christmas. It is the first "I will have water" that is the most difficult to say, after that it gets easier. Believe me when I say "if I can do it you can"!! I have been a lush for years and associate enjoyment and a good night out with alcohol and smokes, now I realise neither are necessary to have a good time. Go girl you can do it!!!
Yeah I'm a bit worried about saying the first ''i'll have water'' as then I have to explain why! I think people might ask if I'm pregnant lol =D


Peggy McParrot
just tell them your on a detox programme, if telling them makes you feel uncomfortable.... but have a good time..
xx biltsyxxx
First time was at a social occasion, I said I had an ear infection and was on antibiotics, Yes everyone said. "oh! a couple of drinks wont harm you", but I had made up my mind not to drink. Never realised peoples perception of me, as after a while the same people were saying "I never thought you could go without a drink" which was quite worrying!!

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