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Advice please

Evening All :D

I'm after some advice please and honesty if you lovely people wouldn't mind ;)

I'm off on my holibobs in 5 and a half weeks time with all of my OH's family,off nowhere exotic but to lovely Devon.

I haven't actually thought what i will do regarding TFR!!!! I just hadn't thought this far ahead as i have been taking one week at a time. By the time the holiday comes, it will be week 14 for me.

Do i :

1)"enjoy" the holiday,(being sensible of course) and refeed the week before i go.

2) Refeed the week i am on my holidays and, 2 shakes and little meal in the evening ( i think i could manage this)

3) Just forget it and continue TFR throughout the holiday.

If it was you,what would you do?

I feel quite apprehensive just thinking about it now,hence why i haven't before!!
Obviously another concern is getting back on to TFR the week after.:rolleyes:

Holidays are for enjoying and i would like to be able to relax and not worry about things
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i wouldn't do TFR whilst on holiday as its a holiday at end of day its your break away from everything

id say if your confident of getting back on do a refeed and just enjoy yourself there but dont go daft


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Im going away to sunny devon too at the end of may, I have decided to do a refeed the week before I go away and then maintenance while there just having the 1 meal in the evening, being very good of course, and then ill be back on TFR when I get back. I know having something to look forward to in may will get me through the next 11 weeks, good luck whatever you decide x


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Thats a toughy.It really has to be your choice. Everyone is different. I did the re-feed before my holiday and ended up regretting it. Not because of the weight gain, but because I lost a LOT of hair. Now I know that hairloss is a side effect of VLCD but I lost about 50% of mine and was advised to wait six months before re-starting to see if my hair recovered. I am happy to say it is growing back. I just kept thinking that if I had carried on even on holiday then I would have reached my target (and had the hairloss at the end).
It is harder to get back on Lipotrim after a break, but on saying all that it's not impossible. I hope you make the right choice for you. Whatever you decide.;)


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I'm off to Devon the week before and up to the easter bank holiday.

I'm staying on LT for the week as I'd rather keep going and acheive my target and I also think I'd struggle to get back on it if I were to come off it.

You have to do what's best for you and your family though. Everyone is different and so is everyones circumstances.

Hi Slink.
I went on holiday after five weeks and really enjoyed myself. Ate normally (not too much - to be honest I couldn't manage to eat that much)
I have been back on a week and feel great. Am really glad I went off TFR and equally as glad to get back on!


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Well for me the answer to this would lie with if you want to have a drink or not? If it doesn't bother you if you have a drink then I would stick to TFR but if you really want a drink then I would refeed.

But your losses are fab to date! Well done you and either way you will get to goal....you are determined now! Well done!

mrs bee

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I did option 2 when I went on holiday, went to the pharmacy the day after I got back and had a 2lb loss, was pleased with that!


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Mornin Miss Slinky!!

its my birthday in 3 weeks, and were going to barcelona 7th april so im th exact same as u!!

but i just though.. sod it, im guna enjoy my bday an holiday, and TFR will b there when i get back... guna refeed for both, and enjoy them!

and i suggest you do the same!

u look absolutely fantastic, and i think you deserve a break!

Thanks all for the response,i still haven't made my mind up but all your replies have definitely given me food for thought(excuse the pun):D

Going to chat with my pharmacist about it and voice my concerns and see what she has to say.

I'm off to Devon the week before and up to the easter bank holiday.
We are going from easter saturday Hoolie :D


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I suppose it all depends on how much you have left to lose and how long you want to be on LT?

Me personally, i would carry on with LT fully whilst on holiday as i wouldnt want to eat and then restart as i have untill june on LT.

How long are you planning on being on LT?

If though you feel you wouldnt cope being on LT completly then if you do still have a while left i would have 2 shakes and a very sensible low carb meal :D


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Hi, i am off to America in 5 weeks and i have decided to have 2 shakes in the day and have an evening meal. I think if i stayed on it for the whole time it would ruin my holiday as one of the things i enjoy is going out with the family for a meal in the evening. It would also make it really difficult for my husband as he would want to stay in for me and i wouldnt want to spoil it for him either.

I am also off on a spa break next weekend and i have decided to do the same thing there for two nights.

I just think you should enjoy holidays, they are about escaping from reality, and then diet when back to real life again.

cawisu xx

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