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Advice Please :)


I'm currently on week two of lighter life and I am really enjoying it! The massive problem is the lack of finances! :( While being on LL and buying my partner and boys food I am spending over £100 a week!! I normally spend about £60 - 70 a week so at the mo things are pretty tight. I have paid four weeks up front so I still have another 2 weeks ish on LL - Plus another thing which is contributing to doing another programme is the counselling - just not my cup of tea.....:rolleyes:
So a few questions....
How much does it cost a week to do?
Are the shakes nice?
What is the programme like in relation to weigh ins etc.....Is it weekly?
How much weight do people lose on average?
How many shakes/bars do you have a day?
Do you have to have regular check ups?

Many thanks in advance :D
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Hiya hun! Well for most women its £36 a week to do Lipotrim. I know that in Ireland it is more expensive, not sure just how much though.

The shakes are definately drinkable. Some people love all of them, some people love only one or two. They definately grow on you as well as your tastes change. Lots of people on here have different ways of making them much more interesting to drink too!

You go to a participating chemist and they will run through a checklist of health questions for you, check your weight and bmi etc, if they think your ok for it then your good to go. Then you return every week to get weighed and get your next weeks shakes. I never had my blood pressure or anything else tested.

We have three shakes a day. You can choose to substitute a shake for a flapjack, they come in peanut or coconut. However, you really will have to make your own mind up on this. They aren't for me i'm afraid! The key to this diet is water. The more you drink the more you shrink!

I hope that helps a little! I'm sure someone else will be along who can give you a bit more insight!xx
i tried LL last year, but i didnt get past day 2....but i agree it costs.

I am paying 30 per week at the moment doing LT but they had it on offer to intice people i think its normally £36.

there are less in the way of flavours only choc, vanilla, strawberry and chicken soup. flapjacks aswell. you have 3 a day.

works exactly the same way as LL and should get the same weight loss. you get weighed once a week, but dont have the counselling.

hope it helps :D
oh got there before me lou lol x


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Thanks ladies!! :D

So i can basically go to the chemist and sign up there and then? No doctors checks or anything?


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Nope no doctors checks to get through! Just a few questions at the chemist, they might make you watch the dvd, but if you do that online on the website you can tell them you have and they might let you start straight away. You'll know all the principles of it seen as you did LL anyway :) xx


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Hi there i must admit i wouldn't like counselling, it would make me feel as though i had done something wrong, my LT costs me 65 euro,as we are always ripped off here in Ireland, but saying that i was eating so much rubbish before i am saying money. Who needs counselling when you have all the lovely people here:eatdrink012:

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