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Advice Please...

Hi guys, I am on day 8 of lipotrim and have just made a spontanious decision to go up north to see my boyfriend this weekend (late Friday till Late Monday)...I am a little worried as I want to stick to this as I am doing really well but its gonna be tough on days out etc if i cant eat with my partner and son.

Could I have two shakes and a light meal of say white fish and salad in the evening and still stay on track and carry on as norm with TFR when i return on Tuesday? I really don't want to ruin the great start I have made.

Also, should I get weighed Thursday before I go when it should be saturday or should i wait till the Saturday after I get back?

What do you suggest?

Many thanks x :copon:
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it's up to you but i'd stick at it

Hi guys, I am on day 8 of lipotrim and have just made a spontanious decision to go up north to see my boyfriend this weekend (late Friday till Late Monday)...I am a little worried as I want to stick to this as I am doing really well but its gonna be tough on days out etc if i cant eat mith my partner and son.
hi i started lipotrim on 7th may i too lost 7lb my 1st week, if it was me i'd keep going with lipotrim as yourv'e said yourv'e done well so far and got through the hardest week of them all,if you have fish,salad whats to say your'll taste for food will return and your be back to square one,when i've gone out the last couple of weeks i've taken a 50 ml volvic bottle with water with me and a lipotrim sauchet,and mixed it that way, and had that with a mineral water that way i'm not empty handed and feeling hungry i hope whatever you decide to do is the right one dissession goodluck


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have you asked the chemist? thought you would be in ketosis now- however i would find it difficult if i was going away.
Its up to urself and only you know wat ur cpable of, but in my experience (i gave in on day 16, and cant get back since) i'd stick at it, food isnt really worth it, and this will change ur life. Im sure it was a real turning point in ur life to turn to lipotrim in the first place, try to keep that in mind. You will find this so hard, but it honestly will be worth it.
I come on here and see the pictures of people who started at the same time i orginally did, and they have changed their lives and look amazing, and im still at the begining.
trust me the fish wont be worth it!

sorry for moaning on lol i just dont want people to make same mistakes xoxoxox

good luck in watever u decide
its a toughy, but try and stick to it if you can, its a horrible feeling when you return and not to have stuck to it...i've done the same this weekend....


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My opinion: stick to LT 100%!!!!!!!

You are only on day 8 you dont want to be breaking the routine now otherwise you can fall into a nasty trap.

Besides, it will be a true test to you and if you stick to LT whilst away 100% youll prove to yourself that you do have immense willpower and you can go out and socialise without having to eat or drink :)


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Stick to LT. It's only a weekend.

I know it's hard (have done it myself on days away and a 10 day holiday) but once you get back home, you are so pleased you stuck at it that, even though you don't feel it at the time, it is worth it.

At the beginning of this diet, I promised myself that whatever came at me, I'd stick to it until I reached my target, regardless of trips away, social occasions etc.

Now I'm on week 18 and nearly at target and even though there have been times when I've sooooo wanted to join in at mealtimes or have a alcoholic drink/ice cream when away, I didn't and the pay back is that I am now size 10/12 and have lost 65lbs. Had anyone asked me at the beginning of the year whether I thought I'd be able to lose so much weight, I'd have never imagined it in a million years.

Do yourself a big favour and keep going. ;)

Alex :)


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I'd say stick to it 100% - you'll get to goal quicker; if you cheat once you'll find it easier to let yourslef cheat again and besides there'll be many many more weekends away when you've got to goal.

But really good luck with whatever you decide :) and you can have a lovely weekend away on LT still - it's about the company, not the food.


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Hi Annaspanner,
good for you, hope you have a great weekend. Hope you will have internet access where you are, then when you have time come on here to rant if you need. If they don't have internet, then perhaps find an internet cafe while they are eating and you won't feel on your own. Good luck.
I agree with all the ones who said stick to it 100%. I went to social functions and meals with my family and sat happily with my glass of water, (as it wasnt time for my shake!) quite happily, and after the few comments from them about how terrible it was I wasn't eating...they all promptly left me to get on with it and chatter resumed and we all had a blast!! It's only a few weeks out of your life. I can't tell you how fabulous I feel, now I am on refeeding and I'm NOT putting any junk or "empty" calories in this body of mine now that I have the one I've always wanted! Be strong! because you're WORTH IT !!!!!!
im glad you are sticking at it that would have been my advise one cos you would have knocked ya self out of kentosis and 2 you will remember and might not get back onto it its only a weekend hun can you remember the first 3 days before you got into ketosis my first day last time was bad but ok on day 2 and 3 but this time round omg the first 3 days where hell i wouldnt want to knock myself out to put myself back in and have to go through all that again good luck with the weekend and you have your surport network with you.

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