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Advice Pls

Hey All
Something has been bugging me and i just want to know if i am overeacting or if this is something that would bother other people.

My friends birthday party was over the weekend , i helped her plan it and arrived early to help her get ready like she asked me too, but when i arrived she didnt seem very interested in my being there, i felt really left out and got very uncomfortable, i wasnt welcomed into the conversation and after a while i told her i was going to head home, as i had a long drive ahead of me, she gave me a brief goodbye and turned away to chat to others, she hasnt contacted me since but has been thanking other people for their help on facebook,

I havent contacted her to talk about it as im really annoyed and i dont want to say something i may regret.

Anyone have some advice
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Time to start again!
If I were you I would have a word, ask why she is acting like this, and if there is anything bothering her about you, or something else, it's better than just stewing about it, and also, remember to stay calm, and try not to get upset if she does say it is you she has a problem with... Chelle ...

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I hate having things hanging over me like this, i will have a word and post how it goes, i have a feeling though she will brush me off and say she doesnt know what im talking about,


Time to start again!
Then just walk away love, and treat her with the contempt she treated you with, you deserve better than that love, we all do, I have been down this road a few times, it's not nice, but, then feeling sidelines isn't either... Please let me know how you get on, and if you do have to back away from her, just remember you tried to sort it... Good luck, Xx

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Thanks, i do feel better about it now , will keep you updated :)
How's it going hun? x
If she really is your friend she wont brush you off & will tell you why she was acting why she was.

Maybe there is something bothering her she wants to tell you but doesn't know how. Once you've spoken to her you'll know better.

I hope by now you have contacted your friend as it will only keep on bothing you & may get all out of proportion.
No real news to share, she hasnt returned my calls, i will pop by her house over the coming days if i dont hear from her,
im not going to allow this to get me down, for once im thinking of me and getting my body and life back has to be most important thing right now, easier said then done :sigh: but im trying.

Thanks All for listening xx


Trying again in 2012
Stay strong Bree, a good friend will support you all the way as you try to improve yourself and your health. Maybe this girl is jealous in some way, maybe there is something else going on, but it doesn't sound as though she has treated you very well and you honestly deserve better, every time.
Take care and keep going xxx


Time to start again!
You do right to concentrate on you, friends are great, but we all have ones who are sometimes not the best thing for us... Take care of you... xx

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I Will & I Can!!
thats sooo rude of her! things like this really annoy me and i cant help but let things like that get to me. i have a few friends who dont bother with me and it rele gets to me. my bf has always told me that if u wait long enough they will soon come running or contact u, and then what u can then do is ignore them that will set them thinking. what goes round comes around!! let us no how it all goesxx
Hey All

Thanks for all the support :flowers:, she contacted me last night and acted as if nothing had happened, when i told her i felt she had brushed me off, she said she was just busy at the party and had been busy past few days and i should know she wouldnt do that to me,
"Felt like saying you just did it again"

However i then found out she had plans to go out, but they fell through so she called me up instead, :mad:

Told her i was busy and didnt feel like meeting up, after speaking to her i could see i was the last resort when her other plans fell through, and i dont need people like that in my life, its upsetting but i think its better i see the truth sooner rather than later.

Today is a whole new day and im going to stay smiling if it kills me, because ....
" Im Worth It" lol :happy036:



Time to start again!
Of course you are... good on you for being strong, you know what the best revenge against anyone who tries to make you unhappy is be happy, its the last thing they want... Xx

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Well done love, proud of you for not letting her use you xx


I Will & I Can!!
sod her then!

make sure u dont contact her now and u wait til she comes running back wen something goes wrong in her life!!

xxxx :)

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