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Advice, thoughts, experiences wanted please.


I started SS'ing last week and managed 5 days 100%. I was drinking 6 or 7 pints of water a day and made sure I didn't overdo things. By day 3, according to the sticks, I was in Ketosis and so assumed that within the next day or so I would start to feel better.

By day 5 I could barely move, my head hurt, at times I couldn't focus and I felt very sick and very, very hungry. I felt as though I was going to collapse at any minute and was very wobbly.

My partner cooked me some chicken and broccoli that evening as he was worried I was going to pass out and I did feel much better after eating it but still felt nauseous and weak for a few days afterwards.

I haven't stuck to the diet 100% since and I'm desperate to get back onto it but I'm so scared I'm going to end up feeling that way again. I'd been told and read that once in Ketosis any feeings of hunger, light headedness, headaches, nausea etc would go.

I have got my packs for this week and really want to do this diet but just wondered if how I felt was normal and why, even though I was in Ketosis, I didn't feel any better, in fact, felt much worse?

I'd be interested to hear from anyone.

Thanks everso

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hi everso!i no how u feel!i was really bad for a bout a week and a half then got used to it....14 weeks lata ive neva felt so good!im still a bit light headed but i need to stop gettin up so quick!u will get over it your body just needs to get used to it!

good luck hun we all here when u need us xx
fortunately i have not suffered at all. i did the full 7 days preparation week to the book , lost 3 lb and think at that point i went into ketosis. started ss 7 days ago, hungry fot the first couple of days and sooooo knackered it was untrue. in bed by 8 pm !!! since beginning of last week i have felt fab . went shopping tonight and i usually moan at hubby and teenager that they let me carry it all in from the car, but today was happy enough to do it all cos i am full of energy.
maybe do the 790 plan as i have been told the wt loss may only differ by a lb a week .
if you continue to feel unwell, maybe go and get yourself checkout. get your blood pressure checked.
hope you feel better soon.
sending you big hug


I will get to goal .....
Hey chick - don't worry you will be fine. I was in ketosis on SS by day 2 but felt awful until well into day 6. Exactly the same symptoms as you, but you gotta just ride them out! I spent all of days 5 & 6 in bed (a weekend luckily) and on the Monday woke up feeling full of beans and soooo good! It does pass and you will feel great. You just need to make it through the first week - it's really tough I know, but look after yourself and be sensible and you'll be right as rain in no time.

Good luck getting back to it x


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My weight loss on 790 has been fabulous!

It sounds as if you might need a blood test. Have you had a blood test done within the last six months by any chance?

It might be a good idea to go and talk to your GP about this.


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