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Advice, Tips, comments, Please


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Hi All,

Just wanted some advice :confused:

My weigh day is tomorrow but had a sneak peak this morning (I know I shouldn’t)
Anyway I am :eek: to see that I have not lost any weight at all :cry:and considering my weigh day is tomorrow I doubt very much I am going to have a good loss.

I have been 100% on this, however I have recently switched from LP which I know is only 200cals less, could that have made a difference.
I have also upped my water intake; I am now drinking 3lts a day, before it was only 2ltrs. Could I be retaining water? if so is there anything I can do about this.

Having said all this I have lost 8 inches these past 4 weeks, even though I am NOT exercising :D

I know this will most likely even out over time; it’s just feels like a kick in the teeth when I have been 100%

Sorry to rant, any advice, tips :)
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Sorry to hear that Zelda, that really sucks! As starlight says though you might be in for a pleasant surprise tomorrow... I often STS for 3-4 days then drop 2lbs overnight. If not it must be water/hormonal - there's no way you're not burning fat on this diet (given the 1400+ calorie deificit on a daily basis you'll probably be burning almost half a pound of fat a day) so this will show up on the scales sooner or later (and is already showing up on the inch loss obviously!)
Personally I've found it much easier on this diet not to get demotivated by the scales, as there's just no way on earth you can stick to this diet 100% and fail to lose weight :D... in the past I'd get hit by the 'if its not working then whats the point, I might as well have...' bad thoughts but now I am a total exante convert :D
Keep going and don't forget to wow us all with your mega weight loss next week :D
Add a meal week = one week in five you get dinner :D
Ooo! I might have to try that- I'll see if my rate of losing peters out first maybe :)

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