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Advice - TTC

Hello everyone!
I havent posted on here for ages as I havent been following the diet:eek:
I have been trying for a baby for 4 months now and have not concieved as of yet. I have put on quite a few pounds whilst I havent been following the diet and I just wondered if anyone knows if I can follow cambridge diet whilst I am trying?? obviouslt I would stop if I found out I was pregnant, but is it safe to follow whilst trying to concieve??
Any help or advice would be really helpful!

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I ant help - but perhaps if you searched the site you'll find some useful advise in previous threads.
A CDC should be along soon with advice in abundance.... Try not to stress to much as this is the worst thing for conception xxxx

Some experts say it's not good to TTC whilst in ketosis, In some cases it can cause fetal abnormalities.


OFM xx
wow, thanks for that ofm.....That is awful!!
In that case I wonder whether you could up the calories and do aam or 1200 calories??
If anyone knows please let me know, I really want to shift the excess pounds before pregnancy, I'm finding healthy eating hard as I need a strict diet to suceed!! .x
wow, thanks for that ofm.....That is awful!!
In that case I wonder whether you could up the calories and do aam or 1200 calories??
If anyone knows please let me know, I really want to shift the excess pounds before pregnancy, I'm finding healthy eating hard as I need a strict diet to suceed!! .x
You could up your intake, but I would focus on one thing at a time.

I too want to TTC, but Im going to wait until Im about 1 stone from goal.

I was pregnant with a baby girl a couple of months ago, but due to abnormalities we lost her, this was nothing to do with the diet, just faulty genes.

But after all the heart ache I would'nt consider ttc at the moment whist on the diet, I would'nt want to risk anything going wrong.

Why not try for a baby at the start of the new year, when your slimmer and fitter :) Thats going to be my plan :)

We could be TTC buddies :)

Good luck with whatever you decide hun :):)

OFM xx
aww thats ofm, your support is cheering me up!!
I think I may just try eating a healthy diet, I'm 5'9 so I have height on my side, making me look slimmer than I actually am! :)

I am very sorry to hear of your loss, it must have been a very tough time for you! :cry:
I'm sure you'll do fantastic on the diet and be a yummy mummy in the new year!!
I'll defo keep in touch and we can be ttc buddies for sure!!
Keep up the go work and keep me posted on your losses!!.xxxxx:p
as you have only 25 lbs to lose you will only be ss for around another stone and then moving up plans , if you can hold off ttc but start introducing folic acid now then just after christmas you should be at goal and in tip top healthy condition.

cdc norwich
Hi PP x

I had this exact dilema last year. I had lost 3 stone but had another couple to go but wanted to TTC at the same time. After reading lots of different articles I decided it was best to play safe and keep out of Ketosis whilst TTC. Its a personal decision, but there is mixed opinion about it because there is always at least 2 weeks of being pregnant before you know about it.

I still had my 3 packs, but also had an evening meal (low fat, but also enough caleries to keep me out of ketosis). This worked really well for me. My little boy is now 16 weeks old and I am back on it again. Funnily enough, I am still doing the diet this way because I am enjoying it more this way - and I lost 7 pounds in my first week!

Good luck with trying xx


Trainee Human On Board
Gosh I never knew that ketosis could be harmful! We've been trying for a year now with no success, so while I don't hold any hope (am now convinced I am barren and infertile) we're not using protection! I am though very careful about dates and can tell you exactly when I'm due to ovulate and when aunt flo's coming so I would know as early as possible. Hmmmm will have to think about this.
Thanks 4stonetogo!!

That sounds like a really good idea hun!! I really really want to try now still as although I am young my husband is older than me and keen to have children as soon as possible!
I havent got that much weight to loose so if I do 3 pks plus and evening meal until I've lost the 25lbs then just keep it off healthy eating! After all it could take another year to get pregnant?

Thanks for the fab advice honey.xx
Hi Shelbell!

I never knew Ketosis could be this harmful to baby either!!:eek:
Its horrible waiting to concieve, it really gets you down dosent it! It also drives you crazy thinking you could be infertile too.....when really it just takes some people longer than others!:sigh:
I just keep looking at other mums thinking I wish it was me, but thinking about it another way, those mums could have taken ages to concieve too! I think I need to relax as your appear to be honey!.......I'll try anyway! hee hee



Trainee Human On Board
Believe me I'm as neurotic as the next! My best friend is pregnant at the moment, and another close friend had a baby last week! Dealing with my best friends pregnancy has been so hard.

My husbands had tests done and he's firing fine so we know the problem is me. I have a 6 year old son so we assumed it would be fine but obviously it's not and my weight will be a contributing factor. Losing 10% of your body weight doubles your fertility levels apparently so heres hoping!
aww Shelbell, one of my best friends is pregnant too! I decided to try and my friend and her husband wanted to try at the same time too....she got pg with her 3rd straight away and is due in Feb and here I am still trying and still not pregnant!! boo!
We have tried the home fertility tests, and both tests say we are fine so I am presuming its the pill coming out of my system as my time of the month has been a bit messed up!
I'm sure we'll both get pg very soon! .xx:p
|It took me 2 years to fall for my 6th baby and that was with help of clomid, there are several ways you can read your own bodys clues to ovulation and if you want more info on them just give me a pm and ill email them lol For me i didnt think about the ketosis issue and found out i was pregnant 12 days after doing the deed and stopped diet straight away and as people not on diet can go into ketosis at varies stages it didnt worry me to much. But for me personally i wanted to lose as much weight as possible before falling pregnant as i knew it would help me throughout the pregnancy and my end weight. I found being pregnant and starting at 20stone i was like a sumo wresler by the end and even found walking hard, the last pregnancy i was 7 stone lighter and everything seemed easier.

Good luck in your ttc journey and hope to hear of positive results very soon

cdc norwich

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