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Advice.... would you try and get some compensation?


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Right long story but for the past 9 years I have known about a pituatry gland tumor which is in my brain its benign but all my life or at least since i remember i have been suffering from excruciating migraines where light was hurting my eyes and i just had to sit in a dark room for a few days until it passed and sometimes it would last for weeks!
I have been under a consultant for as long as i remember and i went to go and see him today where he discussed the size of my "large" as he puts it tumor. and I said well i dont get any headaches anymore since i had the baby and he said well i think and thought a long time ago that your migraines and i wrote to your gp in 2004 saying i thought this was the case and you should come off the pill with immediate effect.
Now i was never told this by my gp who happily prescribed me the pill right up until 2008 when i decided to come off of it in prep of starting a family?

My husband wants me to look into suing as its really affected my life up till now and has stopped me doing ALOT of things!

What would you do and where would you go if you wanted to go furhter>
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Hi, my friend has the same thing and her dr took her off the pill straight away and she had been on it for years. I would get some advice on the matter, maybe go to the citizens advice or something and see where you stand hun, good luck with whatever you decide xx
Hmm it's a tricky one. I think with private medicine in other countries it's an easier thing to decide to do because they're insured and make an awful lot of money. Personally I'm not sure about suing the NHS because if it were me I'd feel bad about what and who it was taking money away from. I'm not saying you or other people should feel this way, it's just how I feel. If you wanted to do it to make sure the doctor was spoken to about what he missed then there are probably ways to report bad practice. You wouldn't recieve money for it but it might mean it didn't happen to someone else. It's probably worth asking for your medical file first which they legally have to give you I think. That way you can check he actually recieved the letter. If it's there in your file then you know he over looked it and he didn't do his job properly, if it's not then he would have been in the dark about it like you were. It seems strange to me that the consultant didn't tell you about it personally in all these years.

Good luck with making your decision.:)


Slimming for my children
thaNKS i agree with the whole nhs thing but i have seriously suffered over the years and was saying to my consultant that i thought it was cos i had a baby and thts when it came up?
I would do what Lovely Laura said: check your medical file first, just in case...in my experience, doctors like to pass the blame onto each other. Then maybe talk to a sollicitor or the citizen advice bureau.
Personally, I don't think I would bother suing because I wouldn't want to spend the time filling in the form and preparing for it (don't really know how much "work" it would entail though). However, I would definitely talk to my doctor and write a letter of complaint to my local NHS trust if your medical file shows that he didn't follow the advice from the consultant. I would also change doctor.
Anyway, I'm glad you've found the cause of your migraines, I used to get some too and it's really awful...Funnily enough since my pregnancy, mine have stopped too (even though I'm back on the pill now...weird hormones I suppose!)
It is the NHS you are taking money from, who already have no money and use your taxes.

People get compensation from the NHS = NHS has less money = services (drugs etc) available decrease or taxes increase.
I can see both sides of the argument for suing/not suing however they have potentially made a mistake which has affected you for years. I think I'd be pretty damn mad and want to look into it further too. I agree with what has been suggested - check your medical file first and then decide what to do from there hun :) x
i definately agree that you should look into it further,cos either your doc or consultant needs a good slap on the wrist for leaving you in pain like that for so long!
up to you if you decide to sue,but i would'nt be feeling guilty for taking money from the nhs,i presume you pay your taxes the same as everyone else,and you did'nt get the treatment or not even treatment,but information you should have,so they failed you.no doubt about it.
unfortunately it seems theese days the only way to get people to take things seriously,medical or otherwise,is to hit them where it hurts.in the pocket!
the more people complain,or even sue,the more likely they are to up there game,and not think they can get away with mistakes,that can sometimes lead to serious problems for people.
good luck to you whatever you decide to do,and i'm so glad to hear your pain and discomfort are now gone.:)
Personally I wouldn't sue. I'm against the compensation culture we have these days and it makes insurance premiums sky high. Slightly off the topic but if years ago we had tripped over a paving stone, we'd have just brushed down our bruised knees - now when people trip, they sue. So the councils take up the paving stones and tarmac everywhere.

I agree with OP - money from the NHS is less money into the NHS so I wouldn't do it.

I would be very happy that you no longer have the migraines. I know you have suffered (I had migraines for a long time until my medical problems were sorted) but you don't suffer now and seeking compensation won't change anything from the past.
Just my opinion, of course.


Slimming for my children
no i totally agree this is why i asked the question lol.

I want to cmoplain about the dr thoo as he has made so many blunders its untrue!!! i had gfood opisening for 6 months before he sent me for a stool sample. I had the runs for 6 months and lost 2 stone over a week and had gone back and fortha nd was told it was my age>?????

Saw a locum who imediatly got a sample and i ended up in hospital as it was a parasite feeding on my blood i had picked up in spain. I now have IBS and have problems with my liver.

He just makes me so angry this dr and i know so many patients he has fooooked over.
In that case I would contact your surgery and make a complaint but wouldn't sue hun. I had lots of problems with my ex gp and had to make a complaint.

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