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I just had an omelet for lunch with peas for lunch but as soon as I ate it I had stomach and felt sick so I had to make myself sick, now I'm feeling guilty. Do u think it will affect ketosis if I didn't keep it down for long? I had a tiny bit of Mayo too and now feel crap and a like a cheat :,(
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kimmie, making urself sick is a very slippery slope to a place u really dont want to be hun. this is called purging and is very dangerous.
im sure ur feeling of sickness will have come from the guilt u felt as i have the same thing if i eat whilst doing cd.
however, if u make the choice to eat u really need to allow ur body to finish what it started. an omelette wouldnt have been such a bad food choice.
i really wouldnt feel too guilty about what u ate though hun. since when was an omelette with peas a bad food choice. it wasnt a cream cake or fish n chips now was it. :)


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I agree with Cheryl
You're opening up a huge new can of issues here
Nip that one in the bud immediately
Don't beat yourself up. Just accept it and move on....,

Hugs chick x


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Just done it again!! Had three strips of chicken then did it and then weighed myself to make sure I haven't put anyon! Think I just wanted to taste something different then as soon as it hit my stomach felt guilty! Not doing it again EVER!!


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Hey hun.....please don't do this no more as once you start it's hard to stop doing it, i was Bulimic when i was younger, failed to tell my cdc that i had history of it to and cd did make me start again have it in control now. You do need to talk to your cdc if you keep doing it as they need to help you with the issue you could be developing over food x