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Can periods effect the weight loss?

I dont feel like I have lost anything, the only thing keeping me going is a Chocolate Milkshake.

They most certainly can I'm afraid - water retention and all that.

BUT tha's all it is, water. Not fat. So it's likely to even itsef out the following week.

P. :cool:
I can put on up to half a stone before my period, then lose it again a few days into it!!!! Most people are 2-3 pounds heavier before. Hope this helps keep you motivated!!!
Oh well, next week I may feel as if I have lost more!

I do keep drinking alot of water, I have had 2L's tonight, and still feel thursty.

My bladder is over active! LOL
Definately I had TOTM in my 3d week and even though I was 100% good I was devasted to STS.

However, the following week I lost 6lbs and had to keep reminding myself that normally I could put on anything up to 4lbs when its TOTM.

Next time its due I am going to try and up my water intake and see if that helps :)