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Advise anyone!!


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I am thinking of exante as i am stuck in a rut and need something to get me going?? Is exante the same as CD.... 3 shakes a day, water and nothing else. or is is different. Can someone give me a bit of a heads up on what is expected daily...

thanking you in advance.
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Hi Shep

From what I've been told and read on the website it is the same - except more natural ingredients

I'm doing the same - have faffed about with CD for yonks and need something different to enthuse me to lose the last little bit - while still being able to SS.

So I'm going for it

Good luck

I'm sure someone more experienced will chime in. Thee are a couple of different plans on exante but the sampler pack they sell provides for one shake, one soup and one bar everyday. Its about 600 calories. I think they call that Total Solution. If like some of us eat one meal a day (less than 400 calories) they call it working solution.

I like exante but for the sake of full disclosure the shakes are very bland and one of my friend thought the bars tasted of cardboard. I like it as its not if you would be craving the packs and having too many in one day.
I use the value packs which contain a bar, a shake and a soup per day (as minimimi said above) - it varies which varieties you get (I suppose it depends on what they have most of in stock at any one time). Don't know if my taste buds have changed but I really enjoy the shakes, even more than when I started and I don't find them bland at all. I love the veg soup but there were not many in the last pack unfortunately. There were a lot of Thai chicken which I enjoyed in my first pack but not as much recently so I do feel that your taste changes as you go along. Bars are both ok and I keep one with me at all times so I can have a nibble if I feel a bit peckish, I find it does me 3 snacks a day in between my shake (which I normally split between breakfast and lunch but put extra water in) and soup which I normally have between 6 and 7 in the evening. Hope this info helps - if you want to know any more just ask!
B xx


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Hi Shep,

These are the plans from their website

· Total Solution which is a very low calorie diet (VLCD) choose 3 or 4 products for total food replacement (600kcals – 800kcals)

· Working Solution (1000kcals) choose 3 products (600kcals) and another 400kcals are available for use in a healthy high protein, low carbohydrate meal of your choice.

· Simple Solution (1200kcals) choose 3 products (600kcals) and another 600kcals are available for use in healthy snacks, drinks and a meal of your choice.

You'd need to see one of their counsellors to do the Total or Working solutions.

For me, I love all the products except for the mushroom soup and they are really filling. I think they deliberately make the shakes not too sweet or strongly flavoured as it's easier to add sweetness/flavour rather than take them out. I like them that way but then I don't have a particularly sweet tooth.

I agree with Quak - order the variety pack to find out what you like best. To keep in ketosis (if you decide to do Total Solution), use just one of the nutrition bars a day as they are slightly higher in carbs.

Keep us posted and good luck! Make sure you get support here as I found this really helpful and it kept me on track.


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Oops! I copied info from their website and now I can't remove the links - sorry to the mods but I tried to edit them off and I don't know how to - perhaps you could do this for me if it's against the rules...............sorry


I will be skinny again!!!
But how do they know if your doing the total solution?


Motivated by you lot!
Nope they won't know. In my case I answered the medical and ordered the variety pack and that was it. The diet you do depends on how many meals you replace with the packs, in the Total Solution it's just the packs and no meals like LT.
Chellywellyboot, you are supposed to be over 25 bmi to do Total Solution as you can lose lean mass (heart, liver and other essential organs that keep you alive) otherwise. If you are thinking of doing it yourself please reconsider as you could do yourself serious harm.


I will be skinny again!!!
Hi guys!

My Bmi isnt under 25, i havent updated it in ages...

I havent weighing in but im guessing im about 13stone plus now so my bmi is over 25!

Dont worry, i dont intend on doing myself any harm..

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