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advise need so so confused

right... i blew it on day 4 after feeling so unwell with a chinese of noodles etc. :cry:
got up this morn to feeling fab not hungry at all... got back on my shakes (only had 1 so far today)
hubby came home and went to give me a kiss.. he then said omg shell ur breathe really sinks..
could i still have gone into ketosis? even after cheating?
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It's unlikely you are in ketosis yet because of the carbs you had last night. However the shakes do seem to leave a kind of coating on your mouth and gums that can have an off smell. Because we are not chewing aswell our gums aren't "cleaned" during the day as they would be so even without ketosis you have to watch your oral hygiene. I find I brush my teeth 3-4 times a day now with particular attention to my tongue etc.
I have brushed my teeth three times today, and used mouthwash etc.. i,m not hungry.. full of energy.. this is weird!!
hey Sam you was fab... lol u listen to me ranting lol


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i,m not hungry.. full of energy
That is how I feel when in ketosis...

You are back on CD now so best thing to do is put last night behind you and continue on...be sure to have all your CD shakes today and your water.

It is good you are feeling better:hug99:
thanks... just weighed and lost another 3lbs snce tuesday evening...


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WOW! Plenty of motivation there...:)
I'm going to disagree. It's more than possible you didn't knock yourself out of ketosis, actually. Tolerance to carbs varies from individual to individual. Some will stay in ketosis with an intake of 100g of carb a day, others will be knocked out if they stray much beyond 35-45g of carb.

Sounds like you might just have got away with things! But remember, it isn't ketosis that makes Cambridge work - ketosis simply masks the symptoms of hunger that you'd otherwise have consuming less than 500 calories a day.

The reason Cambridge works fast is because it's a very low calorie diet, not because it puts you into ketosis. People get all hung up on the ketosis thing but the truth is, it's the reduction in calories that does the job, not ketosis.
I stayed in ketosis after a bread roll at a wedding on week 2 !!!! but Lily is right - its the calories that do it ketosis just helps us along the way :) xxxx


Slowly but surely x
As an ex Atkins dieter, you will find that low calories and protein produce ketones. Excess carbs produce the polar opposite (glucose) :)


My husband = My hero
Well done on getting back on hun!!


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