Advise needed please...


Hi I've been doing Lipotrim for a week now and have been ok but one of my friends is getting married on the 17th Feb and dont know what to do about the meal. I dont want to be rude and refuse to eat anything because I know I would be raging if anyone did that at my wedding when I've paid for them.

Obviously I know that eating anything will take me out of Ketosis, Ive ordered a vegetarian meal coz I dont really like meat. Not sure if i could just eat the some of the veg and avoid all carbs just for then and still have my shake at breakfast and then sneak a flapjack during the evening reception...
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Hi Berta

I have been told that you need to refeed before eating anything???? reason possibly because it can make you very ill. Some people on here have said that they just eat and feel ok while others say they have been very sick ie vomiting, stomach pains. Ask you pharmacist about this or look on forums about refeeding and that will explain some of the issues.

From what I can tell when you refeed you have to do this over a week or two before yoy intend to eat. Day one you have your two shakes in the day and then something to eat in the evening like veg, no carbs or sugar stuff, its very strict. Day two maybe the two shakes and later the veg and a bit of protein ie chicken, fish and so it continues all week until you are eating again. Dont take what I say as gospel, its just a summary if what I heard, you need to check for sure.

All the best.


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Hi Berta, with some people food can go straight through you for a couple of days because your body is out of the habit of eating proper food. I don't know if that would happen after being on LT for a short time though.


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If you stick to pure protein you won't need to refeed beforehand but if you're going to drink then you should refeed. Plain green veg and cauliflower will not ruin ketosis but carrots,parsnips etc do have carbs and will affect ketosis.